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TORVA concentrates on providing high quality modern designed sinks that improve your kitchens aesthetics while maximizing space and efficiency.
Torva Story

Our Company CW TEST

TORVA is a leading Chinese company engaged in kitchen solutions, fixtures, and fittings. At TORVA, our mission is to provide our customers with innovative and modern water products.

Since its inception, TORVA  has been committed to providing its customers with great brand value through the integration of quality, technology, and sustainable design. TORVA was launched as a brand in 2017. However, its parent company started 20 years ago with stainless steel melting. The company was one of the leading companies in the industry. At that time, the company’s main goal was to produce high-quality stainless steel. Since then, however, we have acquired more than 100 patents for melting stainless steel and entered the market as a leading brand for affordable kitchen sinks.

Our priority is to produce durable, safe, and exquisite-looking sinks. We believe in building trust by providing exceptional services with professionalism, and our products embody our values.

Torva Innovation

TORVA has a professional R&D team that works hard to create innovative products. Our nanotechnology-driven sinks are true market innovations. In 2022 we introduced our multifunctional sinks to an international audience.

As a fast-growing brand, TORVA stands for innovative technology and high-quality standards at the manufacturing level. TORVA products are made in China with highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art production technologies.

TORVA Facilities

The exclusive advantage of our company is that the factory has been established for 5 years. TORVA employs more than 100 workers, has more than 80 machines, runs more than 10 production lines, has more than 10 people in the proofing department, which is a vital part of the engineering department, employs over a dozen salesmen, has a fast turnaround of 1 to 3 days for proofing, and can provide delivery within 15 to 20 days.

We can provide free stock samples or free proofing. Our molds can be opened with complete certificates, specific names of major customers’ brands, and factory inspection report attachments. We export to North America, Europe, South America, and Japan. Established customers are offered a Net 30 option and we accept Alipay, Visa, Master Card, Amex, and more so that our customers can pay with ease.  

TORVA is committed to improving everyday life and protecting the environment in which we live. From innovative ideas to carefully crafted products with universal appeal, we never stop working to bring our customers the very best. Our dedication to sustainability includes the use of ultra-efficient components and highly hygienic, easy-to-clean materials that minimize environmental impact.

TORVA concentrates on the quality and packaging of each product and ensures that the kitchen sink or accessory that the customers receive is complete and undamaged. Each of our products is made with premium 304 stainless steel to extend the lifetime of the product.

TORVA’s practical style is suitable for today’s modern aesthetics. Each product has been delicately designed to achieve maximum beauty and efficiency. Our unique black nano-coating technology leads the market in innovation and design.

TORVA is committed to providing affordable kitchen sinks without lacking on quality or craftsmanship. Our products come with a lifetime warranty. Should there be any issues with our product or a question arises, we can be reached at