16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

When you’re considering purchasing a stainless steel sink, the steel is measured by gauge. Thinner stainless steel has a higher gauge number and thicker stainless steel has a lower number. When shopping for a stainless steel kitchen sink, the sinks made with thicker steel provides greater durability and longer wear and tear. Many home improvement choices recommend 16 to 18 gauges as a good choice for a stainless steel kitchen sink. The more costly, a 16-gauge stainless sinks is often touted as a luxury sink and are 0.0625 inches thick. At TORVA USA, you can find high quality 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks with affordable price.

When you’re in the market for a new stainless steel kitchen sink, it’s difficult to know what exactly you should be looking for.

TORVA® offers a large selection of 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks to meet most market requirements and satisfy any style preference, from farmhouse sink to industrial style kitchen sink; from silver stainless steel sinks to the scratch-free black kitchen sink. Whatever style you like, you can find the perfect suitable sink here!

GaugeDecimal InchMillimeterslb/ft2% Decrease in Thickness Over 16 Gauge

16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

16 gauge stainless steel sinks are 25% thicker than the standard 18-gauge and therefore the quality is better compared to thinner sinks. The heat, stain-, scratch-, and dent-resistance is is more improved than any other kitchen sink types. Also, the noise dampening level is perfect for a quiet environment in the kitchen, especially when using a garbage disposal machine.


  • Improved noise dampening due Exterior sound-dampening pads
  • Less prone to denting and bowing
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Protective spray coating


  • Expensive than the thin gauge sinks

If you had the choice between two identical sinks (16 and 18 gauge) at similar prices, don’t hesitate in getting the 16 gauge sink. Why? There is no noticeable difference between the two gauges, however at the same price range, 16 gauge is “better” (thicker is better!).

18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

The 18 gauge stainless steel sink is thicker than the 20 gauge. The most common household kitchen sinks are 18 gauge, which is lightweight and durable enough for all your kitchen needs. It is the standard gauge that is most appropriate and cost effective for the average size kitchen sink. If, however, you find that you are more interested in a larger stainless steel sink, or a more durable standard size sink, the 16 gauge may be better for you.

20, 22, 24 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

These gauges are referred to as the thin gauges (high gauge number) which are perfect for small kitchens, bar sinks, and cabins. They are inexpensive than the thick 14, 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel sinks. If you are using cast iron cookware which is usually heavy, these gauges are not appropriate.


  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for small kitchen
  • Lightweight


  • Prone to denting
  • They cannot handle the vibration of a garbage disposer.
  • prone to bowing
  • Less resistance to discoloration and corrosion

Why Choose TORVA® 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks?

We concentrate on the quality and package of each product, to ensure that the product customer receive is complete and undamaged. All our products are made of the premium 304 stainless steel, to extend the product lifetime.

Our modern and practical style is suitable for modern aesthetics. Each product has been delicately designed to achieve the maximum in beauty and utility. Our black nano coating leads the market.

All products are life-time warranty. If customers have any questions, they can contact via email. We will reply to the email quickly and provide you with satisfactory service.

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