Bar & Prep Sink Buying Guide

Bar sinks are also called prep sinks and are useful in several situations. First, if you are setting up a bar in your home, then a bar sink is a useful choice for quickly washing dishes, cups or hands during a party. You can also place a bar sink in a large kitchen as a second sink. In this case, the bar sink is used for food prep, such as cleaning vegetables or simply washing hands. It is also ideal if more than one person is cooking in the kitchen at the same time. And finally, you might consider a bar sink for a small kitchen or a second kitchen you are setting up in your home. If you have limited space anyway, a bar sink will take up less room than a standard sink.

It’s good to know that TORVA offers a nice line of stainless steel bar and prep sinks. These sinks may be small, but they are packed with functional features that make it easier for you to prepare drinks and meals.

Our bar sinks are so-called under-mount bar sinks. In undermount, the bar sink is recessed into the designated area and the countertop is placed over the edge of the sink. Undermount installation gives you counter space, seamless transition, and easy-to-clean corners.

TORVA bar sinks are constructed with premium 16-gauge thick grade SUS304 stainless steel for durability and strength. TORVA has a bar sink or prep sink for every household!

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TORVA Nano Stainless Steel Bar Sinks

Our incredible material engineering team has partnered up with CERAKOTE, industry leader in coating technology, to create Ceramic Nano Coating – HYDRO-REPELLENT, RUST-PROOF, SCRATCH-RESISTANT, HIGH TEMPERATURE-PROOF and ELEGANT. We also worked with PVD-Tech, the breakthrough that made ceramic nano-coating possible for the kitchen sink, to make it harmless and secure.

A bar sink has a much smaller footprint than a standard sink, allowing it to be installed in spaces where a secondary sink is useful, such as a kitchen island or home bar. 

3 Advantages Of Bar Sinks:

1. Bar Sinks Don’t Take up a lot of Space
Because they are relatively small in comparison to a full-sized traditional sink, bar sinks don’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen. They can be strategically placed in a spot that may be difficult to make use of in other ways.

And, in doing so, they don’t tend to take away a bunch of otherwise useful counter space. The amount of area these types of sink occupy is small in comparison to the benefits they provide in your kitchen.

2. They Can Make Meal Prep More Efficient
Bar sinks are very convenient for meal prep, which is why they are also commonly called prep sinks. They provide a place to get water for cooking as well as a place to wash your hands or quickly rinse mixing bowls or measuring utensils while you are cooking.

Sometimes, during meal prep or cleanup, sinks can get full of dishes. Having a faucet and drain that remains free of obstruction is convenient for pre-rinsing dishes or washing hands. Plus, having more than one sink available during meal prep is especially convenient and adds to kitchen efficiencies when more than one cook is in the room.

3. A Bar Sink is Versatile
Bar sinks are versatile in how they can be used and incorporated into a kitchen design layout. Kitchen islands can be enhanced by the presence of a bar sink. Some will even have a drinking water tap that is connected to a water filtration system!

There are many options available when it comes to location, size, and even the material the sink is made out of. Each prep sink can be tailored to meet your needs. They are versatile and efficient tools for your dream kitchen!

How To Choose the Size of Bar Sinks?

As a matter of fact, before designing your bar space, you would need to foresee how much entertainment you will probably do, the number of guests that you will welcome at a time, and the distance that separates your kitchen and your bar space.

Bar Sinks for Small Parties
For instance, if you will throw one party a month, and host small number of guests each time (less than 20), then you would likely need a sink that would be good for quick washing of glasses, rinsing of blenders and mixers, and so on. For these tasks, a small drop-in type of sink might be enough, or a stainless steel single-bay type might even save you some space. Sinks as small as six or eight inches across are available for your home bar.

Bar Sinks for Big Parties
On the other hand, if you plan to host more frequent and larger parties, you would want to think about reserving bar space and opting for a 2 or even 3 bay commercial sink. If you want a really functional sink that is wide enough and deep enough to allow for the washing of mixers, dishes, bowls, etc, you want something at least 16 inches across and 8-10 inches deep.

Difference Between Topmount and Undermount Bar Sink

A topmount bar sink can sometimes be referred to as a drop-in bar sink. They have been around for the longest time and as such, remain the most common type of sink. These are usually dropped from a point above and placed into a cutout. The cutout can be found on the countertop and its lip rests on the top part of the counter.

Undermount bar sinks are rapidly gaining popularity. They refer to bar sinks that mount to the area around the bottom of your countertop. Clips and some caulk are used to hold it in place. They have to be heavy-duty in order to do the job just right. In some cases, the use of a special adhesive is incorporated. These kinds of sinks also feature a rim although the rim is invisible.

Pros of a Topmount Bar Sink:

  • They are relatively affordable although their price generally depends on the type as well as the quality you go for
  • They offer more versatility so they work great regardless of the countertop type

Cons of a Topmount Bar Sink:

  • Cleaning is harder because food remains often get stuck at the area of the sink where the edge links with the countertop.
  • Their style is old. As such they are considered outdated by certain groups of people.
  • They are of relatively lower quality compared to undermount bar sinks.

Pros of an Undermount Bar Sink:

  • An undermount bar sink is usually easier to clean. This is owing to the fact that there usually exists no lip in between the sink edge and the countertop. As such, no particles of food or dirt can get stuck.
  • An undermount bar sink has a more streamlined appearance, often looking neater.
  • They are better in quality. As such they are designed for kitchens that are high-end with beautifully designed utensils and décor.

Cons of an Undermount Bar Sink:

  • They are more expensive compared to their topmount counterparts.
  • They are not suitable for all types of countertops

Bar Prep Sink Buying Guide

Here are some significant features that you need to know about before you buy your bar sink.

Different bar sinks are made of different materials and have different finishing. As such you should ensure you have knowledge on what exactly you want in a bar sink. Know how often you will have to clean it. This is so that you get a practical one that will also be appealing to you visually for a long time.

The materials range from stainless to ceramics, porcelain and cast iron, among others. There also exist composite ones that are made of several different compounds. Some of these materials are scratch resistant and are probably the best as these are the most durable ones. Some materials come in a variety of colors which is great because you can always go for a color that best suits your décor.

The kind of finish is also important because it can make the difference between visible scratches and invisible ones. A satin finish for example has a very luxurious appearance. However, it is more susceptible to scratches compared to a brushed finish which will very well hide them as the scratches blend in.

In case you will use the sink a lot then stainless material is highly recommended. It is highly resistant to tarnishing. The downside is that it does show watermarks so you might have to clean it regularly and thoroughly.

Whether to go for a large bar sink, an 8-inch bar sink or the smallest bar sink should be determined by the size of your kitchen and countertop. It should also depend on the amount of space found beneath the bar sink for the purpose of plumbing.

If you have a large countertop then it is worth maximizing on all that space. However, a large bar sink would be overwhelming in a small size room.

In case there is plenty of space underneath your sink then choose a bar sink with a deep basin. However if there is a limited amount of space, a shallow one will ensure you have room for the installation of your plumbing.

A great bar sink is one that can easily be installed through a few simple steps. In order for you to have an easier time, go for a bar sink that comes with a comprehensive installation guide. Also look out for sinks that come with mounting clips, hardware and templates as these can help you do the installation yourself.

In case you prefer to have a professional install your bar sink for you then an easy-to-install one will have them charge you less for the installation as less time and effort will be required.

When running water hits the bar sink some noise is produced. That is also the case when you are cleaning your utensils. When they come into contact with the sink continuously as you wash them, the noise could get annoying.

Fortunately, the best prep kitchen sinks nowadays come with features such as soundguard padding and mega shield insulation that are noise deadening. They almost make your bar sink soundproof. With these features in place, you will have a more peaceful time cleaning and will subsequently enjoy it more.

With different sinks in the market today, the price range from the high end sinks to the relatively cheaper ones. Obviously, for you to make a purchase, you cannot spend more than you have. As such, consider how much you are ready to part with for that bar sink.

Once you have determined your budget, you should also consider what you would like in your bar sink. Look at the features that come with the different bar sinks in your price range and select one that gives you the most value for your money.

Warranty is important as it is a guarantee of support from the manufacturer should a problem arise with the sink. They could either repair or replace it without charge should the bar sink fail. Some offer a limited warranty for the bar sinks while some offer a lifetime warranty.

A lifetime warranty guarantees you the support for as long as you have the bar sink while the limited one usually has a set period of time within which you can approach the manufacturer for assistance.

TORVA® stainless steel bar sinks fully covered under Torva’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Some sinks come with a variety of accessories. They include cutting boards, grids, colanders, soap dispensers and extra work stations that will usually make work easier.

Also, find high quality acc here: TORVA® Kitchen Accessories

Installation Steps

Step 1
Place the cutting board flat on the table, making sure that the edge of the cutting board is parallel to the edge of the table.

Step 2
Use a suitable tool to extend the line cutting table shown on the cutting board. (be careful)

Step 3
Using a good quality silicone caulk, Apply a generous bead of silicone to the perimeter of the sink’s rim.

Step 4
Carefully place the sink upside down on the countertop, positioning it within the outline.

Step 5
Placing the bracket flat against the sink lip. Screw the wing bolts tighten snugly.

Step 6
Carefully turn the countertop and attached sink over. Remove any excess silicone and let silicone dry.

Why Choose TORVA® Stainless Steel Bar Sinks?


We concentrate on the quality and package of each product, to ensure that the product customer receive is complete and undamaged. All our products are made of the premium 304 stainless steel, to extend the product lifetime.


Our modern and practical style is suitable for modern aesthetics. Each product has been delicately designed to achieve the maximum in beauty and utility. Our black nano coating leads the market.


All products are life-time warranty. If customers have any questions, they can contact via email. We will reply to the email quickly and provide you with satisfactory service.

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