Small Space? No Problem How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Side Table for Your Balcony

Finding suitable all-weather outdoor furniture is something most people worry about as they are cautious about the quality they will find. Many others need help with the good price ranges for the overall package. Here we will guide you on the right products to place on your patio and how to style them, ideally maximizing your patio space and giving an inviting vibe.

Let us introduce these tables and find out how to buy the perfect item for your house.

1. Why outdoor side tables are important for balcony decor?

Are you also a homeowner who is cautious about keeping their balcony in its ideal shape at all times? We offer great ways to make your balcony look its best. Balconies are unique places, mainly for people living in tiny apartments. They are the spaces where you can relax while enjoying a bit of sunlight and hence want to keep them in the best shape.

Outdoor side tables give you the best usability and decor access through small pieces of furniture. You place them on your balcony in any color or shade you desire, place your favorite desktop decoration items, and give your space the touch of beauty you desire.

These side tables can safely hold your items and give you much room to keep your everyday essentials, coffee cups, and decoration items without too much space in your sunbathing area.

2. Factors to consider when choosing an outdoor side table for a small space

Different factors to consider when picking your side tables for the balcony are as follows


Side tables are available in different materials to perfectly suit your spaces. It is essential to pick the ideal material for the side tables as it can affect your room’s aesthetics and functionality. The most popular options for side tables are wooden side tables, glass side tables, and rattan side tables. 


Side tables must be something other than one piece of furniture that clutters the space. It must serve the purpose and help bring an aesthetic appeal to the look and feel of the living space. It may be an ideal piece that may echo and complement the interior look of your space. Your side table should also be multi-functional, and it should be hardworking. 


As most balconies have little space in them, and they need help to adjust huge tables easily. This is why you need to consider the shape of the furniture you buy so your balcony doesn’t look highly stuffed. You can get different shapes in the range of patio side tables, including round side tables, rectangular side tables, square side tables, etc. 

TORVA HDPE Double Side Table

3. Material options for outdoor side tables and their pros and cons

Outdoor patio side table material should be sun, rain, and dust resistant so that you don’t have to worry about them getting harmed by the natural environment. You can pick these materials along with their pros and cons. 


This is one of the most common building materials you will find for outdoor furniture. It is naturally weather and external environment resistant because of the oils in the wood. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for outdoor small patio side tables. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Experience 
  • Color slightly fades
  • Can warp with time 


The very well-known water-resistant abilities of acacia attracted the attention of the Royal Navy, who built a ship in the 18th century and is now commonly used as the ideal material for a small outdoor side table and other furniture. It is durable and can last for decades.


  • Attractive finish 
  • Long lasting 
  • Attractive grain 
  • Water-resistant 


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Needs cleaning regularly 
  • Requires oiling to keep the golden color

Wrought iron

To get sturdy garden furniture, this is an ideal option for your small outdoor patio side tables. It is heavy and not easily blown over by wind etc. It is liable to catch rust, so you must give its anti-rust treatment and store it away in inert months if possible.


  • Long lasting 
  • Sturdy material 
  • Decorative designs 


  • Can be expensive 
  • Needs cushion pads
  • Need rust protection 

4. Creative ways to use outdoor side tables on a balcony

· Plan your space

Panning is important to ensure you have what you want on the balcony space. Planning includes more than the typical sourcing of some ideals; you must do much more work. An ideal balcony’s major components include considering the space’s function, style, and budget. 

· Get the right table

This part depends entirely on the space you have. You can also find some fit it all options to o and buy and fit in your space. A small outdoor side table will give you many functions in one place. The sizes and designs are all open for negotiation based on the area and taste that the homeowner has. Functionality remains the same. 

· Place art pieces

You can also use your outdoor coffee table to decorate your favorite art pieces and decoration items. Bring out your mom’s flower vase, candles, bowls of artificial fruits and décor trays, etc. This helps in adding some extra beauty to the outdoor space. You can use it as your centrepiece for serving everyday snacks. Place your refreshing drinks out and use your side table as a serving area. 

5. Tips for styling your outdoor side table to maximize space and functionality

The best suggestion to boost the functionality and space is to not place your all-weather outdoor furniture leaning against the wall. The furniture against the wall seems dead and stagnant. It feels uninviting and also reduces usability. You should keep your furniture floating and ensure you use your side table from all sides. You can achieve this by pushing the furniture away from walls and try keeping it in the middle to be used by anyone from all sides. 

6. Frequently asked questions about outdoor side tables for small spaces

What’s the difference between an end, coffee, and console table?

No matter what type, HDPE outdoor furniture is ideal for increased functionality in your space. Different styles of these tables suit your desired need. The most common one is the end table, which is couch height and is tiny enough to tuck in the space at the corner of your chairs. Coffee tables are lower towards the ground as compared to end tables. This is the ideal place to leave your remote so you don’t keep looking for it in your sofa seats. These may be used to hold your decorative vases. 

What are the material and finishes you can pick from?

Accent tables are available in all finishes, but the most common materials are metal, glass, and wood. The wooden accent tables are available in all colors of wood stain. You can pick from espresso, black, mahogany, oak, and more. 

Does HDPE furniture come in different shapes?

These tables are classified into three shapes, i.e., square, round, and abstract, with many available variations. The basic round shape is stretched into an oval, and the square can be turned into a rectangle.  

What's required for the assembly of these tables?

Most accent tables may be assembled using common tools like screwdrivers. If you have picked an oversized table, getting a helper to sort the whole assembly out with you may be handy. 

Which shape should I choose?

Your patio is your small area for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor air. You should design it and ensure you add all elements of beauty and aesthetics that appeal to you. You will find it easy to avail the options you want to place in your outdoor area, as it is required to make your space as comfy as you desire. 

How do I care for and maintain my outdoor side table?

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your outdoor side table. But generally, clean your outdoor side table with a damp cloth and mild soap.

How do I choose a design that accompaniments my outdoor space?

First, consider the color and style of your outdoor furniture and choose an outdoor side table that complements them. You can also look for tables with unique designs or colors that add visual interest to the space.

7. Buying Options At Torva

At Torva, you can find all sorts of HDPE furniture outdoors and on your patio. There are several reliable options you can pick from their website. Torva offers you high-quality small outdoor side tables that are reliable in quality and durability. You will find these pieces serving you after years of usage with the same shine and beauty. 

You just have to pick your desired look and shape and find it on the Torva website at the best rates and quality. You can even contact them and find answers to all your questions about home furniture.

These are some of the most asked points about outdoor furniture. Now you know how to buy outdoor furniture and get the best piece for your space and usability.


Can I install a garbage disposal to this sink?

Yes! All models can install a garbage disposal.

Are the sink grids dishwasher safe?


Does the bottom have a slope?


What should I use to clean the sink?

Can be wiped clean with a towel or dishcloth.

Are there any products that should be avoided when cleaning my sink?

Avoid steel wool.

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Wipe along the lines of the sink stainless steel with a scouring pad.

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