The Complete Outdoor Bar Chairs Buying Guide

You’ve probably sat on a bar stool at least once, whether for a Sunday brunch or an after-dinner drink at a bar or high-top table. Bar tables and bar seating are frequently used by bars, restaurants, and hotels to accommodate customers, especially those with outdoor patios. The best choice for ensuring enough seating is to use bar tables and bar stools because they are taller and typically take up less space than traditional dining sets.

You can find stylish and practical Best outdoor bar chairs ideal for your own home patio, although they occasionally have the appearance and feel of a commercial space. Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for everyone attending if you enjoy hosting parties in your backyard. Bar tables and bar stools are an excellent alternative to your patio’s traditional dining or living room furniture, particularly if you have limited space.

Bar height furnishings are taller than standard pieces of furniture and make a fun, casual addition to your patio. You want to ensure that your guests can sit comfortably at your bar table or bar counter, so bar stools are crucial. Bar stools can be difficult to select for your area. Buying outdoor bar chairs is made simple with the help of this guide.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Outdoor Bar Chairs

You should remember the essentials for choosing the right sets because it is still a type of patio furniture. A common component of the outdoor kitchen is the outdoor bar. Instead of that, now would be a good time to review the essential elements of creating the ideal outdoor kitchen.

  • From feet to seat, a standard bar stool is 30′′ high.
  • There are bar stools with and without seatbacks.

To ensure that you can relax in comfort, choose chairs that are matched to the height of your bar or counter table. Choose the appropriate number and size of chairs based on how much room you will need to allow guests to move between and around the chairs. Select hues and designs that will work well with your outdoor area overall and your bar table in particular.

How To Find The Right Bar Chairs For Your Space

Making the right Adirondack bar chair set selections for a bar or counter set is the real challenge. You’ll want to research height in addition to style, form, and function. That works out like this:

  • Bar-height tables measure between 40 and 42 inches, and bar-height chairs and stools typically between 28 and 33 inches high work best.
  • It is ideal for pairing counter-height tables, typically between 34 and 36 inches tall, with counter-height chairs and stools, typically between 24 and 27 inches high.
  • So that your legs don’t get tired, pick a chair or stool with a footrest.
  • Make sure your armchair will fit with your bar table if you have one.
  • Chairs should be spaced apart by a few feet.

Counter stools and bar stools, or vice versa, are probably not good combinations. The furniture may not be as comfortable to use due to the size disparity and appearing a little odd. Time to pull out the tape measure when deciding on height. Calculate the height you envision for your bar or counter, then select the appropriate chairs and stools. A complete bar set, which consists of a bar or counter table and two, four, or six matching chairs, is available for convenience and simplicity.

Materials & Durability

The material the stools are made of should be the primary consideration when purchasing outdoor bar stools. Outdoor stools are available in a lot of materials, with each one differing from the next in terms of strength, usability, comfort, and design. Polypropylene plastic (PP), resin, and wicker are some of your best choices regarding durability.

Despite being classic and stylish, wood is less durable and will need more upkeep than other materials. Outdoor Adirondack bar chair sets with table furniture need to be weatherproof so that they won’t be harmed and can last for many years. Wicker and plastic/resin, in our opinion, are the ideal materials. These materials are durable enough for outdoor stools to withstand Australia’s most extreme weather.

Pick the Right Height and Size

The seat height is one of the most crucial things to think about and get right when purchasing bar stools. Your guests will be able to sit comfortably if the seats are at the proper height. If the bench is too high or too low, your thighs might be trying to squeak under the bench, which could result in awkwardly reaching up to the bench.

When picking the proper seat height, it’s important to take into account a few things, such as:

  • Your seat height
  • Your preferred level of leg/thigh clearance.
  • Which seat height do you prefer.

Comfort &Types

Who would choose to lounge uncomfortably on a bar stool? You should look for a bar stool that will comfortably seat you and your guests if you want to use it outside. Bar stools with backrests are a good option if comfort is important to you because they allow you to relax by leaning back. Backless outdoor bar stools, on the other hand, prevent this and can be uncomfortable, especially when seated for extended periods.

The most comfortable option for the seat’s padding is the upholstery. However, it wouldn’t be sturdy enough for outdoor use, so you’d probably have to take the cushions out of the couch when it’s not in use. The seating and backrests on many of the high-quality plastic and resin bar stools are contoured and ergonomically designed, which makes them surprisingly comfortable. Some of the types of Bar stools are;

1. Back vs. Backless

Typically round or rectangular in shape with the option of padding, backless bar stools have a seat. Backless barstools are ideal when space is at a premium, and the entire stool needs to be tucked away under a table or counter when not in use. Typically, they are lighter and better for storage. Backless bar stools are more comfortable because they give the user more support. As long as you don’t choose stackable stools, they do take up additional space and aren’t typically storage-friendly.

2. Arm vs. Armless

Adirondack bar stools with arms provide more support and are more comfortable, but they also take up more space, similar to bar stools with backs. If you buy bar stools with arms, make sure you have accurately measured the height of your bar or table and that the arms of the stools can be conveniently pushed under the surface when not in use.

3. Stationery Vs. Swivel

You might want to think about a pivoting bar stool because it can occasionally be quite heavy. This way, once you are seated, neither you nor your visitors will have to drag the bulky stool out from under the counter and back in. You can simply swivel the seat in your direction and get in.

However, rotating stools occupy even more room than stationary stools, particularly if they also have arms, so it’s crucial to consider the amount of space you have available.

Easy Maintenance

It should come as no surprise that the weather will influence the durability and condition of outdoor furniture. Therefore, routine maintenance is always required, but choosing the right materials need not be demanding or challenging. Maintenance is necessary for the wooden patio bar chair set. In addition, spilled food and beverages can easily harm them. Maintaining wooden outdoor bar stools, as a result, is more difficult.

On the other hand, plastic or resin bar stools are very simple to maintain and frequently only require a hose spray down. The weather in Australia has no effect on these bar stools, and they are unaffected by spilled food or beverages. Therefore, in our search for the outdoor bar stools that require the least amount of maintenance, plastic/resin bar stools come out on top.

Best Adirondack Bar Chairs For Outdoor At Torva

If you have the right advice and guidance, choosing the appropriate outdoor bar stools for your outdoor space won’t be as difficult as it initially seems. As these are the most crucial factors to consider when buying outdoor bar stools, remember to prioritize materials and durability, seat height, and functionality first.

Check out our Best Adirondack Bar Chairs For Outdoor At Torva. The HDPE material used to make bar height Adirondack chair set is weatherproof. It ages beautifully and is durable, recyclable, and renewable. This bar stool satisfies the criteria for stability, durability, and safety. To complement any outdoor space, we offer 3 colors. The middle tray table can be taken apart and has a hole for the outdoor umbrella.

Bottom Line

Outdoor patio bar stools are raised seats that typically have a footrest to accommodate your posture while seated at these tables. The sizes, shapes, and height ranges of bar stools are diverse. Choosing the ideal outdoor bar set for your home requires knowing how to measure an outdoor bar set’s dimensions.

If you set everything up properly, outdoor bars can be really attractive. Be sure to take into account the design, construction, usefulness, and comfort of the bar stools you intend to purchase.

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