The Complete Outdoor Prep Cart Buying Guide

Are you ready to set the Barbie on fire? Dreaming of tender, barbecued chicken, ribs, and grilled vegetables. Since you have been anticipating this day for so long, you can even taste it. The possibilities for outdoor cooking are endless if you have a grill, smoker, or pizza oven in your backyard. But unless you take it to the next level, even the most expensive outdoor appliances won’t have the same conveniences as your indoor kitchen.

Your patio or outdoor space can be transformed into the ultimate outdoor entertainment area by adding an outdoor kitchen with prep areas for food and beverages, cooking equipment, and storage. You and your visitors can prepare and take advantage of meals and beverages outside with the help of an outdoor kitchen setup. To help you get started on creating your own ideal outdoor kitchen with the best outdoor prep cart, we’ve provided this guide that walks you through the design process.

Why You Need an Outdoor BBQ Grill Prep Cart?

If you enjoy grilling or just love BBQ, you know how challenging it can be to balance and plan all the elements of a successful BBQ party, including the grilling accessories like cups, glasses, plates, and drinks. Due to its ample counter and storage space, an outdoor BBQ table eliminates all of these frequent issues, allowing you to keep your belongings neatly arranged and out of the way.

With an outdoor BBQ table, you can concentrate on the food and having fun with your guests, which are the two things that matter most. Added benefit? BBQ tables can help keep your dishes and accessories tidy and protected from mud or moisture. An outdoor BBQ can benefit you and your guests if you frequently host large groups for barbecue parties.

Different Types Of Outdoor BBQ Grill Prep Carts

1. Grilling Station Table for the Outdoors by Suncast

Suncast’s BBQ table has two drop leaf extensions that can be put up to create the prep station, giving you a fairly large prep surface. It is made of high-quality and durable resin, making it weather and waterproof.

Additional room is available in the bottom cabinet for the storage of condiments, grilling supplies, and other items. Other plus points? This bbq prep cart also has lockable caster wheels for easy movement if you frequently rearrange your outdoor furniture.

2. Giantex Campsite Cooking Station Table

With the Giantex Camping Cook Table Kitchen Station, you can host a BBQ without having to make multiple trips to the kitchen. It has a sturdy steel frame that can withstand various environments, and its premium Oxford fabric can support up to 55 pounds in weight! The 6 storage cubes on this outdoor barbecue table are divided by sturdy MDF boards. The area can be used to store a variety of condiments, drinks, dishes, grilling supplies, and other items.

3. Keter Unity Outdoor Portable Table

In search of a BBQ table that excels in both style and usability? With the Keter Unity BBQ table, you’ll have plenty of prep and storage space for all your BBQ requirements. Its surface is made from sturdy, high-finish stainless steel, making it heat-resistant. It includes a paper towel holder, spice rack, bottle opener, and hooks for hanging various utensils and crockery.

The high-quality resin was used to create the kitchen island of this outdoor grill prep cart, giving it an immediate wood-like texture that is both refined and durable. This also makes the table easy to clean and weatherproof.

4. Movable Double-Shelf Table

Don’t be deceived by this BBQ’s straightforward design, even though it resembles a trolley. It comes with a stainless steel flat top that can be used for cooking on the BBQ and maintaining the heat of utensils and dishes. It has multiple uses. Additionally, there are no issues with using a portable grill on top of the table.

A left-side tank hook that can easily hold a small gas cylinder is also included with this outdoor BBQ table. You can also purchase extra hooks to hang different kitchen tools and brushes if you’re interested.

The Cost Of Outdoor Prep Table In The USA

Before starting your search for a prep cart for grilling, we advise setting a budget. This additional element aids in focusing your search for the perfect grill. For practical reasons, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford, but you also shouldn’t spend too little either because poor quality, fewer features, and unreliable BTUs (heat) are all things to avoid. If you purchase a cheap barbecue and then need to purchase another one after five or six years, you are not actually saving money, are you?

In terms of features, grills that include certain upgrades, like stainless-steel grills, side burners, and rotisseries, tend to be more affordable. If you buy a barbecue with cast iron grills and upgrade it later, the cost of the stainless steel alone will likely be much higher than the cost difference between the basic and upgraded models. Something to reflect on.

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Outdoor BBQ Grill Prep Cart?

There are numerous options for outdoor BBQ tables, each with special selling points and enticing extras. It can be challenging for novice buyers to select the ideal product, but there is no need to worry because this guide outlines exactly what to look for.


Several variables will affect this. For example, will you be cooking for large crowds? How big is the space in your backyard or patio? Will it be a temporary installation, or will it be put away after use? Before buying a food prep cart, you should check your answers to these questions.


Some people merely desire a sizable, functional surface upon which to prepare their meals. Others will want enough storage in their BBQ prep area so that everything is accessible and well-organized. These people like to have all of their tools and supplies close at hand.


It cannot be emphasized enough that the outdoor prep table you select should be constructed of high-quality and resilient materials. Aluminum, cast iron, and steel are a few materials frequently used to build outdoor BBQ tables. Although relatively strong and light, aluminum is known to rust quickly, and when heated, it can become too hot to touch.

In contrast, steel is a much better choice because it rarely rusts, even after many years. Last but not least, cast iron is the heaviest of the bunch, making it challenging to move around. Cast iron might not be the best option for you if you’re older or dislike products that will strain your back. Whatever material you decide on, it’s best to ensure it meets your needs. A grill’s lifespan may be shortened if minor details, such as coating, are sacrificed for a lower price.


It will be crucial for you to have a prep area where you can cut up meat and vegetables and, ideally, store a lot of other things. Decide on something sturdy enough, so be sure to.


Any outdoor BBQ table’s surface is its most valuable component, so it should be constructed from heat- and water-resistant material to prevent warping or damage after only a few uses. You should look for tables with surfaces made of stainless steel, stone, or tile for this use because they meet all the requirements.

Ease Of Movement

Last but not least, any outdoor BBQ prep cart should be easy to move around and store. The table should have wheels or a foldable mechanism so that you can easily store it away when not in use because you only need to bring it out when you have a barbecue.

Portable Kitchen Prep Cart At Torva

TORVA is a fast-growing kitchen sinks and HDPE outdoor furniture brand.  Our cart has everything you need to prepare for a portable kitchen prep station. Even food preparation is possible on it. Typically, there is room for all of your grilling equipment, the food you are currently cooking, and the condiments and toppings. Even room for a few beers might be available.

For your outdoor cooking area, it basically serves as extra storage. Frequently, these carts are also mobile, allowing you to move them wherever you need to. Everything you could possibly need in an outdoor prep cart is in Torva outdoor prep cart, plus more. The cart’s best qualities include the following:

  • Rust-free material made of stainless steel.
  • HDPE is weatherproof due to its construction.
  • Due to its 40 lb weight, it is capable of serving as a pizza oven grill table.
  • Sturdy and robust table.
  • Two shelves add additional storage.
  • Easy to maintain.

Benefits Of Our Bbq Prep Cart

Do you now intend to purchase a prep cart for the outdoors? A BBQ preparation cart for the outdoors has so many advantages! Here are a few of them.

  • Extra space– An outdoor prep cart gives you additional room if you feel like your outdoor grilling space is limited. Generally speaking, this is the case if all you have outside is a grill instead of an outdoor kitchen. The prep cart is a convenient way to store everything that won’t fit on the grill to save you from making numerous trips inside.
  • Keep Things Organized and Clean– Your organization will benefit from having a prep cart. Nothing can be forgotten because everything you require is in one location. Additionally, it aids in keeping everything clean both inside and out. The entire kitchen in your house becomes dirty and untidy when you have to prepare inside before taking it outside to grill. However, if you prepare everything outside on the outdoor prep cart for the kitchen, you only need to worry about cleaning that one area.
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