Customer Story: Nolan Ivie-Renegade Vans


For van builders, a good assembly of parts can help van builders to effectively utilize space and achieve a better travel experience.Furthermore, good parts can improve the comfort and convenience of drivers and passengers, which are key factors for living in a van.
Nolan is the company owner of Renegade Vans that specializes in creating affordable and functional camper van conversions.
As a van life enthusiast himself, he understands the joys and challenges of living on the road and strives to provide his customers with unique and comfortable living options.
With a solid reputation built on referrals from satisfied customers, Nolan is passionate about helping others realize their dreams of van life.
Benefits of TORVA Sink for Renegade Vans
  • Elegant design
  • Functionality
  • The best sizes for a campervan
  • Durability
  • The faucet is cool 
  • Ease of installation
  • Deep enough
  • Cost-effective

Renegade Vans was looking for preciate the right size of the sinks and faucet with sprayer hose, which is suitable for RV and tiny home use. Additionally, the sinks are compact yet deep enough for practical use, and their aesthetic appeal allows them to be seamlessly integrated into the design of tiny homes and campers.

Why Choose TORVA Sink?

The reasons for choosing Torva sink vary from customer to customer. Nolan chose the sink primarily for its elegant look and its ability to integrate well into his overall design scheme. Aaron, on the other hand, initially purchased a Torva sink because the first one he bought from the company was too small and the second one was a better fit for his needs:TORVA 15-inch Undermount Black Bar Sink and a faucet

Key Features of TORVA Sink

The Torva undermount sink is designed for RV and Tiny Home customers and offers built-in accessories, such as a bottom rinse grid, 2pcs basket strainer drain, and a towel, that fit neatly into the sink. The sink is constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel and features soundproofing pads to minimize running water noise. An anti-condensation spray undercoating is also applied to prevent moisture accumulation.

Take the Next Step with TORVA

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-install sink for your van builds, then look no further than TORVA’s bar sinks. With the wide variety of sizes, finishes, and CAD drawings available, you’re sure to find the perfect sink for your needs. Take the next step and explore TORVA’s bar prep RV sinks today.

Tips for Other Van Builders Considering TORVA Sink

  • Advises measuring the available space to ensure the sink will fit.
  • Recommends considering which built-inaccessories will best suit your needs.
  • Emphasizes the importance of proper installation, as Torva sinks are designed for installation.
  • Focuses on the importance of taking care of the sink to prevent scratches and maintain its appearance.
  • Suggests considering the benefits of the ceramic nano coating used on Torva sinks.

Q&A between TORVA and Renegade Vans:


What were you using before our sink?


Nolan: “I was using a Ruvati sink basin with a separate faucet from another company. It has a built in cutting board just like Torva, which is something that I like.”

Aaron: “I had a smaller Torva sink and upgraded to the bigger one that the company sent us.”


What were the three major points of frustration you faced?


Nolan: about Ruvati

1:The sink is made out of very good material but it is not very easy to clean. Food residue sticks to the corners and is difficult to scrub out. 

2: The faucet looks very nice but it breaks easily when the temperature gets too cold.

3: The sink has another attachment that fits in the basin which holds kitchen cleaning supplies but I find that it is unnecessary and simply gets in the way.”

Aaron: ”It was 12×10 and too small for my needs.”


What other challenges were you experiencing prior to using our sink?


Nolan: The challenges I experienced prior to using Torva’s sink were not overwhelming, but I simply prefer using your product over other sinks because it’s elegant and functions very well. I don’t like using products that I constantly have to make adjustments for and replace parts. I believe that if it is good, it should remain good.”


What was the big “Aha!” moment when you decided you needed to try something new?


Nolan: “I realized that there are many companies out there and decided to give Torva a try.”

Aaron: “When I realized that I could fit a bigger sink in my kitchen.”


How did you first hear about our product?


Nolan: “I heard about your product through Aaron because he had used your sink previously.”

Aaron: “I learned about it on Amazon. Torva had the best sizes for a campervan that were not ridiculously expensive.”


What were the top reasons you selected our product?


Nolan: “Because it looked elegant and I wanted to incorporate the sink into my build.”

Aaron: “Because my first sink I bought from Torva was too small and the second sink fit better.”


What feature of our product was the most appealing?


Nolan: “I like the faucet because it’s a good size and works very well.”Aaron: “The dimensions made sense for our camper because it wasn’t too big. They were compact enough but deep enough. The faucet is cool because it has a sprayer hose that’s a good size, whereas other companies have a sprayer hose that is too big.”
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