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For van builders, finding the right components for their builds is a critical step in ensuring the success of the project. Not only do they need components that meet the aesthetic and functional needs of their customers, but they also need components that are reliable and easy to install.

For East Coast Van Builds, the answer to their needs came in the form of TORVA’s bar sinks.

Meet East Coast Van Builds

East Coast Van Builds is a custom van building company based in the Northeastern United States. Founded in 2020, their goal is to provide their customers with the opportunity to create their dream van, from the ground up. The company offers a range of services, from basic upgrades to complete custom builds.

East Coast Van Builds specializes in building camper vans, sprinter vans, adventure vans, and luxury vans. They have a team of experienced professionals who can provide guidance and assistance with design, modifications, and installation, and they pride themselves on their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. East Coast Van Builds also offers custom-made parts, accessories, and accessories packages to make your van your own.

Benefits of TORVA Bar Sink for Van Builds

– A Wide Variety of Sink Sizes
– Deep Basins
– Availability of CAD Drawings and Accurate Dimensions
– Modern Design
– Undermount Installation
– 2 Ranges of Finish Options

East Coast Van Builds was looking for a reliable and easy-to-install sink for their van builds that could provide their customers with the functionality and aesthetic they were looking for. After months of research and recommendations from other industry professionals, they found TORVA’s bar sinks.

TORVA bar sinks provided East Coast Van Builds with the perfect balance of space and functionality they needed across their many custom designs, while also fitting their aesthetic vision. Not only that, but the range of sizes and finishes available made it easy for their customers to personalize their space. The availability of CAD drawings and reliable dimensions allowed them to hone in on their designs ahead of time, making the installation process a breeze.

Why Choose TORVA Bar Sink?

When East Coast Van Builds found TORVA’s bar sinks, they knew they had found the perfect match for their van builds. The sinks came with a wide variety of features that met all of their needs, from the deep basins to the undermount installation that provided additional counter space when the sink was not in use.

The range of sizes, finishes, and CAD drawings available allowed East Coast Van Builds to easily meet the needs of their clients, while the modern design of the sinks allowed them to create a seamless look.

Key Features of TORVA Bar Sink

TORVA Bar Sinks are the perfect addition to any bar, kitchen, or van area, providing a space to clean up after a night of entertaining, van meals, or mixed drinks.

These sinks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them easy to incorporate into any type of décor. Additionally, they are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, and PVD gunmetal stainless steel, ensuring they will last for many years.

The key features of TORVA Bar Sinks are the design, durability, and ease of installation. The sinks feature a modern and stylish design that will enhance any home bar, kitchen, and van area.

The sinks are made of strong and durable materials, making them resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. In addition to the features mentioned above, TORVA Bar Sinks also have a number of other features.

The sinks come with a variety of accessories, such as strainers, strainer baskets, and soap dispensers, making them even more versatile.

Additionally, the sinks are designed to be easy to use and maintain, with no need for complicated maintenance procedures.

Overall, TORVA Bar Sinks are a great addition to any kitchen, bar, and van area, providing a stylish and functional space to clean up. With a variety of sizes, designs, and materials available, these sinks are sure to meet any homeowner & builder’s needs.

Tips for Other Van Builds Considering TORVA Bar Sink

When it comes to other van builds, considering a TORVA Bar Sink can be a great addition to your space. Not only can it provide much-needed counter space, but it can also help to add a stylish and modern design element to your van. Here are some tips for choosing the right TORVA Bar Sink for your van build:

First, consider the size of the sink. It should be large enough to accommodate whatever tasks you plan to use it for, such as washing dishes and preparing food. Make sure that it is also large enough to fit within the confines of your van build.

Next, consider the material of the sink. TORVA Bar Sinks are typically made of durable stainless steel, so they can withstand the wear and tear of a mobile lifestyle.

Third, consider the style of the sink. TORVA Bar Sinks come in a variety of shapes colors and sizes, so it’s important to find one that will fit in with the overall look of your van.

Additionally, make sure to consider the number of faucet holes, as well as the number of accessories you would like to include. These are just a few tips for choosing a TORVA Bar Sink for your other van builds. By considering these factors, you can be sure to find the perfect sink for your needs.

Take the Next Step with TORVA

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-install sink for your van builds, then look no further than TORVA’s bar sinks. With the wide variety of sizes, finishes, and CAD drawings available, you’re sure to find the perfect sink for your needs. Take the next step and explore TORVA’s bar sinks today.

Q&A between TORVA and East Coast Van Builds:


What were you using before our sink?


We spent months researching components for our builds before we started the business. We found TORVA through other van builders whose expertise we trusted, and we’ve been using your products ever since. TORVA products have met all of our needs for our specific applications.


What were the three major points of frustration you faced?


The three major points of frustration that we faced with other sinks were small or shallow dimensions, unsatisfactory built-in faucets, and the unavailability of CAD drawings/reliable dimensions.


What other challenges were you experiencing prior to using our sink?


While we were researching sink options, some other challenges we faced prior to finding out about TORVA were finding a manufacturer that offered a variety of deep-basin sinks that were the right balance of space and functionality across our many custom designs and finding a sink that fits our aesthetic vision. TORVA has allowed us to stay within a single product range, thus streamlining our processes, while being able to meet all our client’s needs.


What was the big “Aha!” moment when you decided you needed to try something new?


When we found TORVA’s catalog with a wide variety of sink sizes that checked all of our boxes, we knew we had found a match.


How did you first hear about our product? 


East Coast Van Builds first heard about TORVA’s product through online research and recommendations from other industry professionals.


What were the top reasons you selected our product?


The top reasons that we selected TORVA’s product were the catalog of different-sized sinks, and deep basins, availability of CAD drawings and accurate dimensions which we could use to hone in on our designs ahead of time, modern design, and the undermount installation that allows us to provide additional counter space when the sink is not in use and create a seamless look our camper van designs. TORVA sinks have the most commonly requested features, and the range of finish options allows our clients to personalize their space.


What feature of our product was most appealing?


The most appealing feature of TORVA’s sink for us is probably the deep basin. We have seen and been inside many RVs and camper vans with tiny, shallow sinks that are difficult to use with larger dishes, have very little capacity, and don’t feel like they belong on a high-end product. The design of TORVA’s sinks alleviates this issue and also imparts a premium feel to our kitchen areas.

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