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Experience Premium Quality RV Sinks

Leisurely Journey, A Cup of Coffee to Warm the Soul

Savor the beautiful moments during your travels, our RV sink fulfills all your needs.

Warmth and Convenience, Creating Your Ideal RV Life

Caring for the details, experience a more comfortable journey.

Source of Inspiration, Cooking Fun Overflowing

Explore creative cuisines and enjoy cooking pleasure in this spacious and convenient RV sink.

Eco-friendly, Caring for Nature's Home

Committed to sustainability, our RV sink makes your journey more environmentally friendly.

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Showcasing a Taste for Life

Focusing on details, every craftsmanship reflects our pursuit of quality.

Elegant Quality, Enhancing Your RV's Charm

A delightful journey begins with this exquisite RV sink.

Service Description

TORVA is committed to improving everyday life and protecting the environment in which we live. From innovative ideas to carefully crafted products with universal appeal, we never stop working to bring our customers the very best.


TORVA concentrates on the quality and packaging of each product and ensures that the kitchen sink or accessory that the customers receive is complete and undamaged. Each of our products is made with premium 304 stainless steel to extend the lifetime of the product.


TORVA’s practical style is suitable for today’s modern aesthetics. Each product has been delicately designed to achieve maximum beauty and efficiency. Our unique black nano-coating technology leads the market in innovation and design.


TORVA is committed to providing affordable kitchen sinks without lacking on quality or craftsmanship. Our products come with a lifetime warranty. Should there be any issues with our product or a question arises, we can be reached at support@torva.com or +1 (844)538-0782.

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We've used your sinks on a couple of projects in the past.
Van Land
Van Land
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We would love to work with Torva, we have been using your sinks in our vans for about a year now.
Renegade Vans
Renegade Vans
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The dimensions made sense for our camper because it wasn’t too big. They were compact enough but deep enough. The faucet is cool because it has a sprayer hose that’s a good size, whereas other companies have a sprayer hose that is too big.
Highland Vans
Highland Vans
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We actually have been using your sinks in our conversions and have made them a standard because of your quality and design. We are currently purchasing your sinks off amazon, but would love to establish a partnership with you to order directly from you.
East Coast Van Builds
East Coast Van Builds
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We spent months researching components for our builds before we started the business. We found TORVA through other van builders whose expertise we trusted, and we’ve been using your products ever since. TORVA products have met all of our needs for our specific applications. The top reasons that we selected TORVA’s product were the catalog of different-sized sinks, and deep basins, availability of CAD drawings and accurate dimensions which we could use to hone in on our designs ahead of time, modern design, and the undermount installation that allows us to provide additional counter space when the sink is not in use and create a seamless look our camper van designs. TORVA sinks have the most commonly requested features, and the range of finish options allows our clients to personalize their space.


Yes, our top-mount sinks do have clamps that mounts to the countertop. Our undermount sinks don’t have clamps, but they have installation kits in the package.

Yes, we have faucets for sale. 
We also recommand you buy our Sink and Faucet set, which can save you more.

Yes, all our sinks come with the strainer, but only some of our sinks come with a cutting board.
You can visit our website for more details here: https://torva.com/rv-tiny-home-sinks/
Or, you can download our catalog for more details.

Our sinks are available in three different basin depths, 8.5″, 9″, and 10″. You can choose the depth that best suits your needs.

We have a range of sizes to choose from to fit a variety of kitchen space.
You can visit our website for more details here: https://torva.com/rv-tiny-home-sinks/
Or, you can download our catalog for more details.

We have warehouses in California and several other states. lead times depend on the specific sink models you need. Generally, the lead time for the products is 3 to 7 days

You need to wait for 1-2 business days for the dealer application approval, you will receive an email confirmation about the application approval from support@torva.com, then you can login in your dealer account at https://torva.com/my-account/. Enter your login credentials (username and password you provided during the application process) to access your dealer account. Once logged in, you can access to the wholesale pricing, and discount will be applied automatically to your orders.

We have CUPC certification.

It is important to note that CUPC certification is recognized and accepted by the RVIA. The RV sinks we developed before the end of 2018 have CUPC certification and here is a list of these SKUs:

However, SKUs for products developed from March 2019 to now do not have CUPC certification. Below is the list of SKUs that are not certified:

Please be assured that we have plans to have all SKUs without certification uniformly certified by the end of this year. We expect to obtain CUPC certification for all SKUs by January of next year. This certification process will ensure that all of our products meet the required standards and that certification of newly added SKUs will not be a problem.

By placing an order on our official website, you will benefit from closer communication and better support from our team.

Additionally, when you register as a dealer on our website, every order you place will be recorded in the backend order system. This order accumulation entitles you to future discounts. For example, your first order may not have a discount if you only buy one, but as subsequent orders increase, the quantities will add up. Once the quantity reaches 2 or more, you are eligible for a 12% discount.
-Cumulative purchase of 5-29 pieces, you will receive a 15% discount.
-Cumulative purchase of 30 pieces or more, you will receive a generous 20% discount.

… The discount will be more and more favorable according to the accumulation of the total number of previous purchases.

Furthermore, if you are planning to participate in offline RV events this year, we are pleased to offer you some support. We understand the importance of catering to the needs of our customers, and we would be happy to provide you with further details if you’re interested. Please let us know as soon as possible.

– Go to “Become a Dealer“.
– Fill out the dealer application form with your business information.

– Submit the form, and our team will review your application within 2 business days.

– Once approved, we will email you our dealer price sheet. Also, you can login in your account at https://torva.com/my-account/ and place orders with discount applied automatically.