TORVA 32-inch Workstation Sink Black – 16 Gauge Stainless Steel – Single Bowl


  • Dimensions: 32” x 19” x 10”
  • Includes: Bamboo Cutting Board and Drain Tray

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  • INDUSTRIAL LEVEL PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: Handcrafted TORVA kitchen sinks from 16 Gauge (1.5mm thick) T304 stainless steel for superior durability and dent resistance. The best choice of materials ensures that the sink will last longer than most other appliances in your kitchen, even under the heaviest use. The brushed satin finish protects against rust and scratches.
  • WHOLE NEW DESIGN OF THE BOWL: The upgraded 32-inch wide by 10-inch deep sink allows you to clean all your cookware and bakeware. The undermount installation gives you more countertop space, provides a clean, seamless look and blends well with kitchen appliances.
  • FREE ACCESSORIES: All in one kit: the stainless steel bottom grid protects the surface of the sink and the stainless steel simple line drain tray, which slides on the ledges and turns your sink into a work surface, provides everyday efficiency. The bamboo cutting board with stainless steel surface provides you with all the comforts of cooking.
  • SOUND DAMPENING: To create a quieter kitchen environment, sound deadening pads have been added to the underside of all our stainless steel sink models to reduce the quiet sound of running water. For an added layer of protection and to prevent moisture buildup, the outside of the sink is coated with an anti-condensation spray coating.
  • INTEGRATED WITH HIGH TECHNOLOGY: Multiple sound deadening panels and paints have been used to absorb the sound of running water. An additional layer with our latest formulation prevents the accumulation of condensation at the bottom of the sink. The beveled bottom with laser polished drain grooves directs water to the drain. The sink’s 3.5-inch drain opening fits garbage disposals commonly used in the USA.

Sink Instruction Manual

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