Protecting Your RV Sink: Common Practices and Materials That Can Cause Damage


For most people, the look and appeal of RV is a sense of independence from location and freedom, as the adventure it gives is something else. RVs can sometimes be cramped and quite challenging to live or spend some time in for longer durations. One way, which is also the best way to make the best time in your RV, is to increase the space in it.

RV kitchen sink is an important component of any recreational vehicle, providing access to water for cooking, personal hygiene, and cleaning. However, these sinks can be vulnerable to damage from a variety of sources, including harsh chemicals, rough cleaning materials, and heavy objects.

For it, an RV sink cover can be your best choice. Other than this, different practices protect the sink you have bought and placed in your RV. Read ahead to learn more about the common practices that can cause damage.

Common Practices That Can Cause RV Sink Damage

· Overfilling or improper use of the sink

You must not overfill your sink. It is there to wash your utensils and remain empty at all other times. If you will keep your utensils and water in the sink flooded up to the rim, you will indeed cause sink damage. The RV sink drain will also remain stuck with water and other food parcels, which may reduce the sink’s quality and finish.

· Using abrasive materials or cleaning products

It is good that you want to keep your RV sink clean, but what you must not do is use harsh chemicals for the cause. If you have stainless steel RV sink, then you should know it can get easily scratched if you use abrasive chemicals while cleaning it.

The tiny granules in a few of these cleaners might damage and scratch the steel grains. Whereas abrasive cleaners are suitable for cleaning dirt and grime, they are likely to leave scratches on the surface of your stainless steel items that can make them aged or dull. 

A neutral detergent that is low in chloride is ideal for these appliances. Nonabrasive and fast-acting cleaners will keep your sink in good shape.

· Not properly securing items during travel:

Once you have parked the RV, your essentials and anything in the RV are safe. But once you start moving, you risk dropping the items here and there in the RV, and these falls can also harm your RV. The best thing to protect your RV surface is to secure everything in its place before you start moving.

Make sure nothing is on its loose and everything is behind closed bars in clear protection. This way, you won’t have to worry about things falling over your head on RV kitchen sinks and flooring.

Common Materials That Can Cause RV Sink Damage

· Harsh chemicals and cleaners

Though harsh chemicals such as cleaners and chemicals can give your RV stainless steel sink a good shine, they may ultimately ruin the look. Most manufacturers caution RV users against using harsh chemicals on their Kitchen sinks.

These kinds of chemicals may cause surface pitting, which will trap contaminants. You must avoid alcohol and glass cleaners as these products will leave a clear streak on your surface and can discolor the protective layer of the surface. You must also note not to mix two chemical cleaners into one, creating dangerous fumes.

· Hard water and mineral deposits

Stainless steel kitchen sink accessories are not made to be used under hard water. RV stainless steel sinks can quickly get stains from hot or hard water. But as you mostly need help changing the type of where you have in one location, you should consider moving around.

Always plug in the water source that is not hard water. Or if you are to use hard water, you can wipe clean everything once you have used the RV sink. This will keep spots and streaks from forming on the sink.

· Foods and liquids that can cause stains or discoloration

Your harmless food or liquids you drink may seem okay to be left in the RV sink. But this is very harmful to your RV stainless steel sink. Your sink is made to watch your items and not contain things in them for extended periods.

You must keep the sink clean once you have washed anything in it. Natural water will imply you dry it, but anything other than this should be kept from building up on your kitchen sink.

Recommendations for a Durable RV Sink

Overview of recommended RV sink materials

Selecting the ideal campervan sink will help you a long way in your RVing journey. You will use your sink multiple times daily to wash dishes, prepare meals, brush your teeth, and wash your hair.

It is one of the campervan life essentials you use daily. And this is why you must go through your options to ensure you buy something that suits your needs. 

A few suggested campervan sink materials are as follows:

  • Stainless steel sink
  • Composite sink
  • Granite sink

Features to look for in a durable RV sink

· Material

The material of your RV sink depends on how often you will use your RV and the sink. The frequency of usage and the area of use should be considered as the deciding factor when picking the material. Also, consider the ease of maintenance while choosing a sink. Marinating the stainless steel sinks is far easier than marinating all other materials. By choosing the right material for your RV kitchen sink you will protect it from several damages.

· Size

The size of your family should decide the size of your sink. The size of the sink is also a concern for regular sinks. But when buying it for your RV, you should consider it according to the size of your vehicle. Get a sink that fits well in your RV and fulfills your everyday sink usage needs. If you will get a big-size RV sink for your vehicle’s kitchen it will never be a good fit for your RV. Choose your RV kitchen sink according to your RV size.

· Clanging Sound

Unlike the space at your home, RV is a tiny space having all the amenities of your regular home. The sound made by your sink while it is in use should be considered well beforehand. Solid surface sinks, such as composite sinks, are soundproof. They make very little noise when in contact with the kitchen items. 

How to Choose a Durable RV Sink?

· Consider the material and its durability

You must pick a sink that will last you for many seasons of RVing in your campervan. A sink that only makes you buy another one soon after your first purchase. Many factors decide if your sink is durable or is just a prop. The material and durability of your sink is the main factor you should consider for longevity.

Different materials offer you different levels of durability. For example, stainless steel sink is supposed to last longer than plastic RV sinks. The same goes for your kitchen sink faucet accessories. 

· Look for features such as soundproofing and insulation

Another thing to be considered to get the most durable RV sink is to see the insulation and soundproofing factors. You are getting the right thing if your sink material offers soundproofing abilities and insulation against external factors. Stainless steel might not be soundproof, but you can apply a layer of soundproofing paste to make it durable for extended usage.

· Consider any additional accessories:

You can consider any additional accessories such as a drain strainer, colander, or cutting board. These accessories can increase the RV kitchen sink’s functionality and will make it more durable.

· Choose a reputable brand with a warranty, like Torva

If you are looking for a reputable RV sink company, then Torva is your answer. You can find many options at Torva for your kitchen sink accessories. There are several sink materials and qualities that you can see in the sink available at Torva. It is a leading Chinese brand that offers its buyers all the available luxuries of RV accessories in one place.


These are the common practices and materials that can cause damage. You should avoid them to protect your RV kitchen sink. Protecting your RV sink is therefore an important aspect of maintaining the functionality and appearance of your vehicle. Choose your RV sink according to the RV storage space with the best materials it will give you the best time in it. By taking these precautions, RV owners can help extend the life of their sinks and keep them looking like new.

If you are outdoors, you will need to take more care of your RV, and hence you need to take precautions to avoid any kind of damage. Once you have everything sorted, you are good to go.

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