RV Sink Upgrades Enhancing Your Mobile Kitchen

When it comes to life on the open road, there’s nothing like the freedom and adventure of RV travel. Whenever you are in travel, your RV is your home. The heart of this home is your RV kitchen, where you can prepare meals and snacks and make memorable moments with your friends and family. The kitchen is one of the busiest and most valuable parts of any house, whether a usual house or a mobile one.

The sink is the cornerstone of every kitchen. Most RVs don’t have dishwashers, so the RV kitchen sink is the only space for meal preparation and dishwashing. Undoubtedly, the right sink can improve your kitchen’s efficiency, aesthetics, and convenience. This article shows how you can upgrade your RV kitchen sink using techniques and starters most RV owners follow. 

The Importance of Efficient RV Sinks

A well-designed RV sink can make your RV experience much more exciting and calming as you get all the finances in one space without a hassle. Sometimes, your kitchen sink demands more attention, and that is exactly when you must also do some planning. Whether you are new to being an RV owner or want new ways to spice up your RV kitchen sink as a seasoned one, here is the guide you need. 

RV kitchens don’t come with dishwashers, so the kitchen is the cornerstone of the kitchen. You get to wash your hands, make meals, and then do the dishes all in one place, which is your kitchen sink. You must maintain your kitchen sink and ensure it is well kept and managed, never to clog or make a mess in your mall RV kitchen. After all, you must live comfortably on the road while moving from one place to another.

Sink Size and Configuration

All RV kitchens are small and mostly infused with the living room area. Mostly, the sizes of kitchen sinks in an RV are different. But the average dimensions are 14-11/16 inches x 14-11/16 inches. The standard size of the RV sink drain hole is around 2 and a half inches and gets a depth of 5.5 inches. When picking the RV kitchen sink, you can go for the dual-mounted or mounted sinks or washbowls. But some RV sinks also have a drainage hole of 2 inches. It’s crucial to consider the size of your RV kitchen sink when selecting a new sink size before choosing any sink for your kitchen. It can put you in trouble if you do not get the exact size according to your kitchen space.

You might choose the sink with a two-inch diameter drain hole and then attach it to the 2-1/8-inch drain pipe using a particular type of adapter and a comparison fitting. You should never forget that this won’t work if differences are reversed. That means your drain holes come with 2 1/8 inches diameters, with your drain pipe having a diameter of 2 inches. Always ensure you have all the right size configurations and a proper idea of what sizes suit your RV kitchen countertops. 

Material Upgrades

Different materials of RV kitchen sinks give off different advantages and give you a different look in aesthetics. Many materials range in the RV kitchen sink, including plastic, acrylic, and metal. PVC pipes or flexible ones are used in the plumbing of these sinks. Mostly, they are custom-made to fit in tiny areas, making them much different from your regular sinks. Most RVs come with plastic sinks, which depends on the price of your RV.

Acrylic sinks are solid surfaces, whereas plastic ones are lighter ones. Metal sinks are the ones that will resist stains. They are straightforward to maintain and clean. You can choose any sink that suits your kitchen aesthetics and gives you the look you want in your RV kitchen. 

Faucet and Fixture Upgrade

The faucet you have in your RV kitchen is not the one you will pick by yourself. But you can always replace them to change your kitchen look or add more functionality. RV faucets and home faucets differ significantly. However, they may look the same at first. One massive difference between these two is the materials they are made of. In your RV, the main goal is to save some weight; hence, designers use lighter materials for these faucets. 

The faucets you have obtained in your RV kitchen sink aren’t mostly of good quality, and there is a dire need to upgrade them to suit your liking. You will get an aesthetic look in your kitchen sink and better water efficiency with the convenience of usage. These upgrades will improve your road experience while you lounge in your RV living room.

Space-Saving Solutions

RV sinks are specially made to save space and give you more room to use as a countertop. You will find different ways these RV kitchen sinks allow you the most space for meal preparations and dishwashing. The sinks will mostly come with a bowl cover extending your countertop space and covering up your dirty dishes beneath it.

Other than this, you might find storage spaces available in your RV kitchen sink with accessories and utensils premade to store in spaces available around the kitchen sink. This way, you get to hide away your different accessories in hidden spaces and use them when needed. This will create a more spacious environment in your RV kitchen, providing extra room for cooking and meal preparation.

Installation Considerations

The key to replacing an RV sink, ideally, is always to double-check, even triple-check, the dimensions, which include the depth of the sink as well. This will ensure that the new sink will fit just snuggly in the place of the old one. It would help to consider plumbing underneath the sink when checking for a fit. Also, check for different plumbing needs under your sink and make sure nothing stays runny or loose, which may cause issues in the future.

The safe option to pick as a sink in an RV is a stainless steel sink. It will go a long time before you need a replacement and stay in the same condition you bought it if you manage it well. You can get a small workstation in your RV as well. Anything that suits your daily requirements would benefit your RV sink replacement. 

Maintenance and Care

Commercial and residential design trends mainly influence RV décor. RV manufacturers look for current trending designs, making their RVs up-to-date and appealing to the consumer. But with time, these styles go out of style and need an update. If you have also restored your RV kitchen sink and want to keep it in good shape for a longer duration, then here is your guide about how to do so. 

Different water sources attached to your RV may impact your kitchen fixtures and sinks differently. Hence, maintaining your RV kitchen sink might be a harder task. Here are some tips you can follow to do your maintenance job well. 

  1. Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean the Sink.

  2. To clean your stainless steel sink in the RV, use a soft microfiber cloth that doesn’t harm the sink’s surface. Microfiber cloth is very soft and can not harm the surface of the RV sink. Other fabrics may leave scratches and marks on your sink that will dull its sparkle and shine. Always rub against the sink’s grain to keep it looking new for years. 
  3. Use Baking Soda with Vinegar.

  4. To clean your RV kitchen sink, apply a layer of baking soda to it, leave it for some minutes, and then cover it with purified white vinegar. While this vinegar is foaming, you can use a microfiber cloth to start rubbing off this wet baking soda over the surface of your sink. 
  5. Use Morning Light to See Water Spots.

  6. Once you spot the water spots, use white vinegar and baking soda on its surface to clean them. Then, to add some shine, you can rub vegetable oil on the surface of your sink. Paper towels are rough, so you must use a microfiber cloth to rub the sink properly. 


Updating your RV kitchen sink can be a great experience, mainly when installing everything you need in your kitchen, especially in your sink. Upgrading your kitchen sink, faucets, and fixtures is easy with Torva at access. You will find all kinds of RV sinks, accessories, and faucets at Torva, with detailed guidelines on making your upgrade work the best for you. 

You will often find it hard to adjust to the old fixtures and faucets that were there with your RV when you bought it. An upgrade will address any issues with your kitchen sink. You can customize everything to your preferences for comfort on the road.

The ways mentioned above to upgrade your kitchen sink in your RV are enough to give your sink and kitchen an aesthetic appeal and maintain it. Besides this, you will get a solution for different RV sink issues that RV owners face daily. This way, you can enhance your daily basis experience on the RV.

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