RV Stainless Steel Sink Using Guides: Clean & Remove Scratches

Design trends in homes and businesses have an impact on RV decor. The new RVs produced by RV manufacturers reflect a broad appeal to the public that is up-to-date and in line with current design trends. The widespread use of stainless steel fixtures and appliances in modern homes and other modern interior design elements like hardwood floors and white or light grey cabinetry are examples of how these trends are currently being reflected.

RV sinks can become stained, dull, old-looking, and even scratched with use. It’s an option, but some RV owners decide to replace their sinks. Give these suggestions a try first, however, before you spend the money and hassle on a brand-new sink for your RV. It’s possible that the one you already have only required minor maintenance.

Unfortunately, appliances made of stainless steel are sometimes very difficult to remove scratches from. Although there are a few options, most solutions only partially work, particularly if the scratch is deep.

What Are RV Kitchen Sinks Made Of?

The four primary types of RV sinks that are frequently sold on the market are Corian sinks, acrylic sinks, plastic sinks, and stainless steel sinks. Corian is a popular solid surface brand made of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third acrylic polymer. It is non-porous. If you need to replace a sink in your RV, plastic is the most common and least expensive material to use.

Is It Normal for Stainless Steel Sinks to Scratch?

Stainless steel sinks have the advantage of not easily chipping or cracking. But simply from regular use, they are susceptible to scuffs and water stains. So, it is somewhat typical for stainless steel sinks to scratch and lose their luster, but with a little bit of routine care and maintenance, “normal” becomes much less likely.

Can You Restore A Scratched Stainless Steel Sink?

Sinks made of stainless steel can be made to regain their luster, and yes, scratches can be treated to disappear or become less obvious. Of course, it’s harder to conceal deep scratches or gouges, but you can try a few techniques to lessen the visibility of this kind of damage.

What Can You Use To Clean Your RV Kitchen Sink?

Metals like nickel are used to protect stainless steel sinks. The sinks can occasionally get scratched or even dented, but they are stain-resistant. Additionally, they need a special stainless cleaner, so make sure to read the ingredients on any cleaners you buy to make sure you can use them on your grey tanks.

An RV sink cover might also be something to think about. You will have more counter space on top of the area where your sink is, in addition to the sink being protected.

A stainless steel sink can be cleaned in a number of ways. Here are some of the most suggested cleaning techniques that typically work the best, depending on the materials you have on hand. We’ll start with the technique that makes use of supplies you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet:

§ Fill the Sink with Water and Rinse

Start by giving your sink a thorough rinse, making sure to eliminate all the food residue and general gunk that may have amassed in the basin. After using dish soap, thoroughly rinse the sink with hot water.

§ Put Baking Soda on the Sink

To lightly cover the entire basin, liberally sprinkle baking soda throughout the sink. Hard water stains, water spots, and grease are all effectively removed by baking soda. The other great thing about baking soda is that it works without leaving any potentially harmful chemical residue behind, unlike some chemical cleaners.

§ Scrub In The Direction Of The Stainless Steel’s Grain

Use a fine nylon brush, a soft sponge, or even simply a paper towel to massage baking soda against the grain of the metal. Note: Steer clear using steel brushes, abrasive pads, or steel wool to prevent further damaging the stainless steel.

Note: Steer clear using steel brushes, abrasive pads, or steel wool to prevent further damaging the stainless steel. If you have an extra toothbrush on hand, you can use them to clean the drain, the sink’s edges where they touch the countertop, and other small spaces. Smaller scratches appear to vanish as you scrub with the baking soda (again, in the direction of the grain! ), while larger scratches start to lose part of their force.

§ Spray Vinegar Straight Up Into the Sink and Wait

Spray the sink with white vinegar before rinsing the baking soda out. (Use the vinegar undiluted; don’t dilute it with water.) Your old stainless steel sink will get even brighter thanks to the reaction between the vinegar and baking soda, which you’ll notice bubbling or frothing a little bit. Additionally, vinegar’s acidity helps dissolve calcium deposits from hard water, removing water spots. It also works amazingly well as a disinfectant. Then, give the sink a thorough rinse and dry it for 5 to 10 minutes.

§ Make A Paste Using The Cream Of Tartar And Vinegar

After completing the above steps, if you still see stains, combine a cup of white vinegar and a quarter cup of cream of tartar to make a paste that will work as a homemade stain remover. Apply a small amount of the paste directly to the stain and then rub it in gently with a cloth or paper towel. Allow the paste to remain on the stain for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Dry the sink after rinsing it with warm water.

§ Olive Oil To Polish The Sinks

After your sink has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, buff it with some olive oil on a cloth like that of waxing a car after washing it. A light coat of oil applied to the sink and fixtures should restore their luster.

If you don’t have the household items listed in the steps above or if you just want to keep one easy-to-use product on hand to maintain your sinks, showers, and tubs (regardless of what they are made of), there are a few products that are popular for cleaning and preserving the luster of all types of sinks.

How To Remove Stubborn Scratches From An RV Stainless Steel Sink?

Here are some ideas to try if you discover that your RV kitchen sinks still have some stubborn scratches after cleaning and making an effort to treat fine scratches.

§ Clean The Sink

Dish soap or, if you have any on hand, a powerful powder-based cleaner like Bar Keeper’s Friend should be used to clean the sink thoroughly. Make sure to rinse and dry the sink thoroughly.

§ Lightly Sand If Scratches Are Deep

You might need to do some light sanding if you have some severe scratches to fix. You can use a sanding block, fine sandpaper (400 to 600 grit), rubbing compound, or an abrasive pad. Additionally, stainless steel repair kits are offered for sale. Results can differ. Make sure to take note of the direction of the grain and only apply very light pressure in that direction. Never go against the grain because doing so could damage the sink’s finish and render it irreparable. Once more, apply light pressure while moving with the grain. Once finished, clean the sink with Bar Keeper’s Friend or a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Utilize a gentle microfiber cloth to dry.

§ Utilize A Microfiber Cloth And Stainless Steel Polish/Cleaner To Polish

Your stainless steel sinks (or anything else made of stainless steel, provided it isn’t coated like many refrigerators are) can be polished using a high-quality polish or cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

RV Stainless Steel Sink Protectors

Laying down some protection is a good way to prevent it from happening again after you’ve cleaned and polished your stainless steel RV small sink. Different protectors are available, so before placing an order, ensure to measure your sink precisely.

  • White Sink Mat for RVs and Boats, Camco 43720

Camco’s RV & Marine Sink Mat will cushion and safeguard glassware and dishes. The small size of this mat was designed with RV and marine sinks in mind. Vinyl mats in smaller sizes are designed especially for marine and RV sinks.

  • Small Sink Mat by OXO Good Grips

Sinks and dishware are protected from scratching and chipping by their soft surface. The sturdy design and non-slip feet maintain their position even in clogged sinks.

Bottom Line

An image of a sleek, sophisticated, and professional kitchen is produced by appliances and sinks made of stainless steel. Despite what the name “stainless steel” suggests, the metal is not always immune to blemishes. One of the main issues with stainless steel sinks that people complain about is rust.

Your RV stainless steel sink will stay in top condition if you have a basic understanding of stainless steel, how to care for it, and how to clean it. We wish you much success in keeping your stainless steel sink spotless for a very long time with the aid of this guide. Do thorough research and use some of the top sink cleaning products.

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