The Best Sinks For RVs and Campers—Read This Before Buying

One of the best things about using an RV as a mode of transportation is being able to bring the comforts of home with you. Everywhere you go, you have access to a private bathroom, kitchen, bed, etc. However, not all RVs are built with everything you want. Many people believe that the RV kitchen sink, which is frequently of lower quality than a residential sink, is an example of this.

We firmly believe that the sink you choose for your camper significantly impacts how well you will enjoy living there. It can be difficult and unpleasant to prepare meals and clean up afterward if the sink is too small, too shallow, or even just the wrong shape. You’ll learn about important factors to consider when purchasing a workstation bar sink in this article, along with some contemporary, space-saving options.

What to Look For When Buying an RV Sink?

· Your Cabinet’s Dimensions And Size

A sink should not be purchased haphazardly. An RV might be attracted to a double bowl sink, but it might be too small to accommodate pots and pans, and it might take up too much countertop space. It’s crucial to take the cabinet’s dimensions into consideration before installing the sink. You can use this to help you choose the width of the sink you need.

· The Sink’s Material

There are many different sink material options, including the most popular stainless steel, granite composite, fireclay, and copper. The type of material you choose for your sink will depend not only on the style you want but also on how much upkeep you are willing to give it. Because they are dependable and able to withstand constant use, stainless steel sinks come highly recommended for RV sinks.

· Your RV’s Design

A sink that matches your style is essential, depending on the design or theme of your RV. Efficacy is what you seek, right? Or do you simply want to look a certain way? Your search for the ideal RV sink will be made easier by the responses to those questions.

RV Sink Recommendations

1. Workstation Sinks

The all-encompassing kitchen sink is a workstation sink. Cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks can all be used on top of these sinks because they have a ledge on the inside of the sink. Depending on the size of your cabinet, you might be able to spend more on a bigger sink because you can reach over the top of it. A kitchen workstation sink is a solution if you want to maximize your countertop space.

2. Bar And Prep Sinks

Bar sinks are ideal if you’re focused on making the most of your countertop space and don’t have much space to work with. Bar sinks are typically deep enough to wash and stack dirty dishes, despite their diminutive size. The overall usability of your RV kitchen will increase with a bar sink.

3. Radius Sinks

The angle at each of a sink’s four corners is represented by its radius. Although the term “sink radius” may not be common, it is significant to consider when purchasing a sink. The ideal balance between conventional and modern sinks for an RV is offered by a sink with a small radius. Additionally, to expand the basin’s usable space, they are low maintenance. Your kitchen will have a more contemporary, streamlined, and polished appearance with tight radius sinks.

What Is The Standard Size Of An RV Sink?

RV sinks come in a variety of sizes. Though most are rectangular, they come in a lot of sizes and shapes. RV sinks typically measure 9″x12″x5″ deep and up to 14″x19″x8″ in size per basin. Most also include a typical 2 1/8″ drain hole. Any time an RV sink needs to be replaced, it’s important to check all of the dimensions, including the depth, to make sure the new sink will fit in its place.

When determining fit, also take into account the plumbing beneath the sink. To ensure that the hole patterns match, don’t forget to take into account the fixtures you’ll be installing. The sink and fixtures should also coordinate if you are purchasing brand-new fixtures.

Can You Put A Regular Sink In An RV?

Yes, you can install a typical residential sink in an RV. Residential and RV sinks are functionally equivalent, but the key is measuring to ensure they will fit. However, given that residential homes have different plumbing than the majority of RVs, there may be variations in the fixtures. If you’re using residential fixtures, be aware that you might need to buy adaptors to connect them to the plumbing in your RV. The plumbing system in an RV is typically 13/16th, as opposed to home faucets, which are either 12″ or 3/8″ compression fittings.

However, adapters will be needed to connect the water faucet to the RV. And any sink, whether it be made of stainless steel, solid surface, or acrylic for an RV, can be changed out for a residential model as long as the hole in the counter is the right size for the new sink. The RV plumbing system, flexible hoses, and making it compatible with standard home faucets all require special adapters, which are required.

Therefore, if you try to install a standard faucet in an RV, be ready to use an adapter to go to 13/16th from whatever the sink is. The plumbing system in an RV is composed of smaller components, and under your sink, you will notice that water enters the faucet and exits the sink through flexible rubber/plastic water lines. On the other hand, you can see rigid metal or PVC pipes if you look under your sink at home.

As a result, an adapter kit is required if you want to install a standard faucet and sink in an RV. With the aid of an adapter kit, you can connect sinks and faucets to plumbing systems that are incompatible with them.

How To Choose the Best Camper Van Sink?

A camper van would not be complete without a sink. The best sink for your camper must be found, so put some time into this search. When choosing your RV kitchen sink, consider its size, toughness, and style. Whether it’s a kitchen in a house or an RV, sinks are an essential fixture. It’s crucial to find a sink for your space that is both practical and attractive. You must check the features listed below to determine which option is best.


You must pick the smallest item ever, considering that we’re talking about camper vans. So go with a smaller sink with a workstation. Since you probably won’t need to wash a lot of things at once, this is primarily done to conserve space. In light of this, the options above mostly consist of small sinks that are convenient for camper vans. Corner sinks that can only hold your hands are a good option if you want to go smaller.

Under-Mount Or Top Mount

Top-mount and under-mount installation methods are both used to install sinks. The installation and removal of top-mount sinks are simpler. In contrast, under-mount sinks look cleaner and are more compact. Depending on how they are installed, some sinks can be used. To make sure that the area where the sink will be installed can support a top-mount or an under-mount sink, you must check this before making a purchase.


You should also inspect the sink’s material and installation hardware, which are both significant components. This has an impact on the sink’s robustness as a result. Stainless steel is typically used for kitchen sinks, while ceramic is typically used for bathroom sinks. These are good choices in terms of materials, but you should also look at the coating on the sink’s bottom, which muffles noise and maintains a consistent temperature in the sink.

It's Simpler Than You Think To Upgrade Your RV Sink

It’s much simpler than you might think to install the majority of RV skinks. There are always exceptions, but over-mounted or drop-in sinks make up the majority of sinks. Installing these is the simplest. There are also under-mount sinks, which flush the sink with the countertop and give a room a subtle air of elegance.

However, under-mount sinks are more challenging to install and frequently need assistance from a professional. It might be time to replace your RV workstation sinks if it is severely damaged or stained. Pull out your tools and get ready for a DIY project; this is something that the majority of handy people can do. You might prefer to keep the actual sink and replace only the RV faucet.

That is actually a completely doable and very easy project. Any faucet you choose can be used in the sink, though some sink types may require an adapter. For the sake of simplicity, we prefer to remove the old faucet and match it with the new one.

Bottom Line

So, why are you still waiting? An Rv bar sink matching your style will help you get started on that RV dream kitchen immediately. An RV kitchen would benefit greatly from one of the many sink options offered by Torva. Each of their stainless steel kitchen sinks has a rubber pad over an undercoated insulation layer to absorb noise, and all of them are resistant to rust and scratches. Along with the fastest delivery to your door, we guarantee you the best prices on the market.

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