Best HDPE Outdoor Furniture

Polyethylene is a common plastic. It’s used to produce a variety of products such as bottles, containers and bags. It has always been a reliable, flexible product known for its durability and versatility.

In general, most products produced using the material are low-density. But, via a well-developed process, polyethylene is a go-to for creating long-lasting near invulnerable outdoor furniture. HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a compound using polyethylene that results in incredibly strong products for use in high-risk environments like healthcare, correctional facilities, shelters and other spaces where protecting furnishings is a major concern.

When developing furniture, the whole point is to create a product that stands up to wear, tear and constant use. No outdoor furniture lasts forever, but high density polyethylene outdoor furniture will sure try. Manufacturers engineer the furnishings using a process called rotomolding. That entails a one-piece hollowed product that’s filled with polyethylene. It is then heated and rotated. The finish is an exceptionally durable chair, table, bench, etc. with strong surfaces and incredible structural integrity. This is a piece of furniture that will outlive wood, aluminum or metal and will require minimal maintenance.

Here are the greatest benefits of HDPE.


Compounding consists of mixing necessary materials — color, fire retardants, polyethylene, etc. — into a single compound. They’re melted together, homogenizing and infusing the new mixture. A die is applied, extruding and chopping the mixture into smaller pellets and then pulverizing that into powder before rotational molding.

Chemical Resistance

Premium polyethylene is chemically resistant to fluids and body oils, cleansers, salt solutions and other challenges that can take years off of outdoor furniture. The feature is crucial in high-traffic environments like a public pool where turnover rates are high. The resistance controls the spread of infection possible in inferior materials. Unlike those materials, accumulated water will not affect the interiors or surfaces of HDPE. 


In your yard, you want high impact furnishings that are robust, resistant to dents and breakage, and will not rust. Your patio is better off with furniture that’s less likely to fall apart when fasteners begin to fail. The design of HDPE is a single piece. You’ll never have to worry about the chair leg coming loose.

Easy to Keep Clean

Rotomolding creates a polyethylene-reinforced one-piece solution. Manufactured with seamless, smooth surfaces, you’d have to purposely put cracks, crevices or breaks in the surface. The design prevents debris and fluids from gathering in the product, unlike the potential for wood to carry insects or metal to rust from exposure to harsh elements.

The HDPE production means easy cleaning as you maintain the best HDPE outdoor furniture with water, soap and a damp cloth.

Fire Resistance 

Polyethylene is high quality and durable. But when manufactured with specially formulated, highly effectively fire retardants, it becomes a double-threat. Manufacturers develop their HDPE products under strict industry flammability compliance. They follow policies for seating furnishings used in public, tests for upholstered furniture, cigarette ignition resistance and more.

TORVA is a great resource for finding the best HDPE outdoor furniture for your pool, yard or patio. We have affordable options for making your spaces entertaining and convenient.

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