TORVA Stainless Steel Cutting Board for Meat Cheese Vegetable (*2)


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★1.【 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL AND SIZE】TORVA stainless steel cutting board is made of 304 premium stainless steel, size: 23.6″ X 19.6″, Weight 1.8lbs Thickness:0.05in. For cutting vegetables, fruit, meat as well as kneading, rolling pizza, cookie, bun, bread candy, macaron, pastry, cookie, and other dough, etc.
★2.【 EASY TO CLEAN AND HEALTHY】:TORVA stainless steel cutting board is healthy and durable, easy to clean. Stainless steel cutting board has no peculiar smell, will not be moldy, healthier. There will be no long-term use of stains or odors on the surface. Debris can be rinsed by water or wiped by the dishrag. You don’t need other tools to remove extra dough or other material from it.
★3.【 CHOP, SCRAPE & DICE】:strong and durable, can withstand heavy cutting, slicing, dicing, and sharp knives, and will not cause any damage to the cutting knife, only produce slight scratches, more durable than wood or plastic cutting boards.
★4.【 UNIQUE DESIGN】 TORVA stainless steel cutting board adopts anti-rust, non-slip, noiseless wire drawing and polishing technology, which will not rust and is more durable. The rounded corner protection design of the stainless steel cutting board will not hurt your hands when cutting vegetables. The sound is low in decibels and will not cause any uncomfort.

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