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The kitchen is one of the most significant areas in our house that has to be simplified. Trying to simplify the kitchen has a tremendous impact on our lives. Your health and wellbeing will improve if your kitchen runs smoothly and makes you like to spend more time in it. After having a pleasant meal, washing your dishes can be a monotonous task which many of us don’t enjoy at all. To overcome this situation and to make dishes clean up a fun task, a fascinating and easy-to-use sink can play a vital role. Torvausa stainless steel sinks are the best choice to make your life easy and simply provide a peaceful solution to clean your kitchen. A clutter-free, simple kitchen has countless advantages. You save time, energy, money, and stress by having a kitchen that is functional and organized. The first step to simplifying your kitchen is choosing the right sink, black kitchen sinks are very attractive and simple to clean and maintain.

Keep Dishes clean

Try to wash dishes after every meal, washing up small no of dishes after every meal is better than washing a mountain pile of dishes that overtook the sink, kitchen counter, and stove with a disgusting smell. Before putting the dishes into the sink for washing, first, remove all the leftover food by using a spoon and rinse them with clean water by using a bristle brush so the burnt food or greasy food can be removed before the washing. You don’t want your favorite dishes to go to waste by breakage or greasy stains so stack them in a way that you can easily access, wash and clean them. Having an under-mount sink with a double basin/bowl can come in handy if you home cook enormous meals on a daily basis.

Clean your sink

A typical sink contains more bacteria and disease-causing organisms than a trash can. To keep your sink maintained you need to regularly wash the sink with soap and boiling water. Once a week deep cleaning can be done by a diluted bleach mixture. But if you have a stainless steel kitchen sink and washing it with powerful chemicals like bleach, there can be a chance of corrosion. Baking soda with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar can be used for cleaning your undermount sink. Baking soda and vinegar mixture of only remove water stains but also works as a natural disinfectant. 

Keep surfaces clean

If you assemble all your pots, bowls, dishes, knives, cutting boards, or any other kitchen stuff on the counter while cooking, it will present a tidy-looking kitchen. So instead of piling the kitchen countertop, clean them while you cook. Based on the material from which the kitchen surface is made of use, only the specific recommended detergent to clean it up. A clean kitchen surface can give an impression of a clean and tidy person but also can be handy for the next time when you are going to cook providing you with a dirt-free kitchen workspace. Try to store large items or kitchen appliances in cabinets or pantries so they are not taking all the space of your kitchen countertop.

Tackle the refrigerator

A clean kitchen always needs a clean refrigerator. A fridge is the workhorse of the kitchen; it can become messy when we avoid cleaning it so give it the attention it deserves. Keep a close eye and remove any expired or moldy food. Baking soda, activated charcoal, or coffee grounds can be placed in the fridge to avoid any pungent smell. Try to come up with a cleaning schedule so the situation does not get out of control. Keep disinfecting or cleaning wipes next to the fridge so whenever there is a mess it can be cleaned on the spot. Putting a little thermometer into the fridge so you can monitor the fridge temperature can come in handy. The temperature of the refrigerator should be at 40 °F (4 °C) or below to maintain its proper functioning.

Take out trash in a timely fashion

If you are throwing all the food waste into the trash, it can give rise to smell if your trash bin does not have a lid on top. Start taking out your trash at the end of the day or make a schedule according to your free time to clean trash regularly. Trash can compose fool smell and bacteria which attract flies, cockroaches, and rodents leading to several health-related issues.


To keep your kitchen clean, healthy, and inviting, come up with a cleaning routine that will help to prevent messes. Have spaces assigned to every kitchen item and after usage put them back into their space that will help to keep the kitchen clean. Make it a habit to clean your cookware, utensils, countertops, and especially the sink tidy. Having a top-quality sink like TORVA® stainless steel sink could be your best and perfect kitchen solution to make your life simplify and mollify.

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