RV Sinks Showdown Stainless Steel vs. Composite

Are you seeking a long-lasting, high-quality RV kitchen sink that won’t rattle on your road trip? We have two top suggestions that most RV owners like to have their RV small sink investment. Here is a thorough review of both sink materials.

Renting an RV is ideal for heading out on a road trip. It is the perfect way to explore the world around you without having to stop in to book hotels each night or, worse, setting up your tent in different weather conditions at your destination.

If you are looking for RV rentals, you must pick one that brings you style and comfort with all the luxury you may want. After all, most RV rentals have beyond just the basics of sleeping and eating on the go. Some also offer you amenities that you may expect in your traveling house. 

A luxury RV will offer all the luxuries in one, including an ideal RV kitchen sink, sleeping area, comfort on the go, perfect drainage system, and style in your drive.

Importance of Choosing The Right RV Sink For Your Kitchen

Picking an RV for rent or purchase is daunting, but you must not forget the RV sink in all this hassle. It would help if you chose an ideal kitchen faucet that serves the purpose, looks good, is long-lasting, and is within your budget.

You only would like to replace your sink once in a while, and hence you need to choose the ideal fit for your RV to be a partner in your long road trips. It would help if you made a lifelong investment, reviewed all the available options, and looked for the RV kitchen sinks that fall into your list of considerations. 

A Brief Overview Of Stainless Steel And Composite RV Sinks

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials among the choices of all RV kitchen sinks. These are lightweight, hygienic, durable, and considered a star among all sinks for RVs. 

Composite Kitchen Sink

Composite sinks are also durable and good in their looks, but the difference may lie in the noise level each produces due to the utensils placed in them. Composite sinks are made using a combination of crushed minerals such as quartz, granite, and acrylic resins. These are integrated and matched closely with the countertop colors.

Pros and Cons of RV Stainless Steel Sinks


  • Dish friendly

As these aren’t as hard as the composite sinks and also have some give, dishes are a lot less likely to break when they are dropped in the sink 

  • Affordable

Stainless steel sinks give excellent benefits and also at a good price. 

  • Durability

Stainless steel sinks are highly durable and heatproof to be used in the kitchen, and they come with self-healing quality, so they are highly durable. 

  • Ease of installation

These stainless steel sinks are lightweight and won’t need additional support underneath

  • Aesthetics

These sinks are easily blended with all other stainless steel appliances in your RV kitchen, creating a coherent look. 


  • Noise level

The stainless steel kitchen sinks accessories are made of a thinner material, so clattering the dishes may get noisy. You can use sound-deadening coatings and noise-reducing pads to reduce this issue. 

  • Different quality

Low-quality, thin stainless steel sinks may dent when items are put into them. Choosing a thicker quality gauge can make this issue much less likely. 

  • Cleaning products

One must also avoid using harsh metallic scrubs pads, which can scratch stainless steel surfaces, leaving behind rust-prone particles. 

Pros And Cons Of Composite RV Sinks



Due to the mineral content, the composite sinks are durable and hard. And as a result, they are not likely to chip, scratch, or dent and generally handle the daily tear and wear. 

Stain Resistant

Composite sinks are also nonporous, making them highly stain resistant. It is always an excellent idea to wipe off and rinse dry the sink often.

Heat Resistant

Minerals, including quartz and granite, are heat resistant, and one should never place the highly hot pans and post into the sink directly. 

Easy To Clean

A mild dish soap, non-abrasive sponge, or warm water will keep your composite RV sink clean and fresh. 


Composite sinks can blend and match ideally with countertop material colors. 



These average sinks come with a higher price point than the stainless steel sink 


Composite sinks are heavier and might also need additional support 


A hard sink might be highly durable, but it also means that dishes may shatter a lot more easily when dropped in

Aren’t heatproof

Owning acrylic resin components might often be present in composite sinks, which may be heat resistant but aren’t heatproof.

Comparison of Features

Design and Aesthetics

Composite sinks are a mixed material which is made of stone and resin. The exact stone-to-resin ratio is mainly dependent on the manufacturer. Granite sinks are made by heating, modeling, and cooling resins and granite or quartz sand. The end material is molded into its desired shape and then polished. 

Both of these sinks are suitable for different settings of RV kitchen sinks and can be made to look highly aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. You can also add sink kitchen accessories to make them look more inviting and suitable for your RV interior.

Durability and Strength

Granite composite sinks are highly durable but may crack or even chip when heavier items are dropped. Stainless steel sinks will not crack or even chip, but they are much more prone to scratches. Heavier cookware, sharp knives, and even utensils may scratch the steel. This steel might lose some initial luster as some minor scratches may collect. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

The ideal way to clean the composite sinks is to use plain-ish soaps, water, and hot sponges. Once you have wiped and washed the sink, you can dry it to keep minerals from the water or soap from sticking to the surface. ‘

Heat Resistance

Stainless steel RV sinks are heat and fire-resistant, and you won’t have to worry about thermal shocks. But they will not retain the heat well. So if you may fill the sink using warm water in preparation for hand washing or piles of fish, the water will not stay warm for longer durations. Granite composite sinks will hold heat better than stainless steel. They are heat resistant as well.

Noise Levels

The RV kitchen sink should have a lower noise level. Stainless steel sinks are rather very noisy. You can expect to hear banging and clanging when handwashing pans and pots. Thinner sinks are very noisy, so one must aim for around 18 gauge stainless steel sinks if you can afford them. 

Granite sinks aren’t as nearly as loud. They make very little noise when you put dishes in them or put a pan against the walls of the sink. 

Price Range

Granite composite sinks are mostly more expensive than stainless steel sinks. But the prices might vary based on size, brand, and configuration. 

Which Sink is Right for You?

Composite RV sinks and stainless steel sinks have similar properties, but the former is much more scratch resistant. Scratches show much more in stainless steel. Granite composite sinks are much more sound dampening. The major downside is having fewer abrasive chemicals if you have a composite sink. Granite itself is quite a hard material and can give you strength. 

Stainless steel RV sinks can be much more contemporary, but they also need a smooth coating on the bottom to create insulation for sound. It would help if you used the grid on the bottom of the sinks to prevent steel scratching. These sinks are much more widely available and can be less expensive. 

Considerations When Choosing Between Stainless Steel and Composite RV Sinks

Composite sinks are all worth your consideration as they come in many fun colors and may be forgiving. They will not show scratches or marks like the stainless steel ones. Most people go with the stainless steel option as they are low maintenance and also low in cost. But the granite sinks are much more durable than the stainless steel ones and come in various colors. 

Why Torva Sinks Are a Great Choice?

Torva sinks are an ideal choice when it comes to RV sinks. They offer you a collection of options you can pick from for your RV. You can make your outdoor life much more fun and relaxing by having the right leisure in your RV van.

Bottom Line

Your RV should provide you with all the comfort you need in your house, and you need to ensure there are enough things checked off the list when you update the RV. From Torva, you can order high-quality RV parts that will last you a lifetime. Pick the desired color, material, and finish of the RV kitchen sink or the kitchen cabinets and make your road trips stylish and fun.

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