Black Bar Sink: The Popular New Trend Invading Modern Homes

The average US kitchen renovation costs $25,000 and $40,000 and is done every ten years. Although there are many reasons to refurbish your kitchen, two top priorities are increasing home value and improving functionality.

A black bar sink is a design piece that will transform your kitchen. The stylish design will add value, and they are highly durable. Bar sinks are taking the design world by storm and might be the ideal addition to your home.

We’ll give you all the information you need about the black bar sink and where to purchase one. 

What Is a Nano Sink?

The sink inside a black bar sink is called a nano sink. It is made from high-end technology that adds a hydrophilic coating to an original stainless steel sink. 

This material combines nano-sized ceramic compounds that form a thin coating over the steel. The layers and specialist technology of Nano sinks increase anti-bacterial, anti-rust, and anti-corrosive qualities. As a result, the material becomes very durable and robust.

Although originally a single bowl sink, they are now available in dual sink versions. So, you can install them in your kitchen and bathrooms at home.

Benefits of Black Nano Sinks

Although nano sinks are available in a few colors, black is the most popular as the latest trend. Designers often team nano sinks with black bars because of the seamless integration and luxe appearance.

They will match any property design, and this has increased their popularity. For example, a black bar sink will appear traditional and hardy in a farmhouse. Whereas in a modern home, it feels luxurious and contemporary. Black nano sinks have many other benefits aside from aesthetics:

  • Easy clean
  • Anti-bacterial
  • On-trend
  • Value-adding
  • Scratch-resistant

Black nano sinks and black bars have spiked in popularity and become sought after because of these properties. So, if you want to reap the style benefits of nano sinks, embed them into a black bar or countertop. 

Where to Buy Your Black Bar Sink

You can buy black bar sinks online from a reputable dealer. Be mindful to read reviews about the company before choosing. At Torva, we specialize in black bar sinks that embody contouring and individuality. 

A black bar sink is very adaptable and makes a fantastic wet bar. You can prepare drinks on the countertop area and quickly wash glasses or shakers in the sink.

The anti-damage material means you can enjoy it long into the future. It will even stand the test of time in the most accident-prone households. 

Join the Emerging Black Bar Sink Trend

A black bar sink looks stylish and has many other beneficial properties. You can rest assured that the kitchen will be germ-free thanks to the anti-bacterial properties within nano sinks. 

Take a look at the benefits and consider investing in one for your next kitchen remodel or upgrade. We want the homes of America to be stylish, safe, and convenient.

So, contact us today to discuss your kitchen and black bar sink needs. 

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