How to Set up a Temporary Kitchen While Renovating

Navigating Kitchen Renovations with a Temporary Setup

As we all know, a house without a kitchen isn’t something we would like. A complete home serves us hot steaming food and allows us to enjoy midnight snacks anytime. But using the kitchen normally becomes a dream when carrying out a kitchen renovation. You will have to face a lot when you are getting kitchen renovation, that too when you’re living in the same house you are renovating the kitchen of.

These are the joys of having a kitchen renovation, and you must plan everything. This includes creating a temporary kitchen that serves you at the crucial time of getting kitchen renovation. There are many challenges that come with it, but many of them can be managed by having a temporary kitchen by your side.

You can start by planning the temporary kitchen and setting it up so you can easily get the kitchen renovated.


The Role of a Temporary Kitchen

A temporary kitchen will protect you from too much trouble when renovating the kitchen. Suppose all of the processes of a kitchen renovation are expected to take a long time. In that case, you can build your temporary kitchen and not put yourself in hardship while renovating your kitchen. It isn’t possible to keep eating out throughout your kitchen renovation, so you need to arrange something in your house to get out of this period smoothly. 

Having a temporary kitchen can still carry out your everyday food needs efficiently as you can cook and motorway your food, wash the dishes, and have the benefits of keeping food items in the fridge. At the end of the day, when you get a kitchen renovation and are done with it, you will be highly thankful for having a smaller but proper temporary kitchen to serve you through difficult times.

Choosing Your Temporary Kitchen Location

Are you excited to get a kitchen renovation and finally have your favorite color tiles and your favorite new sink placed in it? You also need to make this time fun and easy for yourself. You need to set up a temporary kitchen so you can always sleep with a tummy full of home-cooked meals during renovation. 

The first thing you must pick is where to place the temporary kitchen in the house. You have to keep it away from the area where your kitchen renovation is done. We should wait to set up the temporary kitchen right outside the barriers. A family room, spare bedroom, or garage are ideal for a temporary kitchen. 

Your temporary kitchen must be closed in that space, accessible from all other house parts. This is done so that you aren’t carrying food from one side of the house to the other, and the temporary kitchen is accessible. Cooking can also create a lot of steam, heat, and different odors, so you must set up a temporary kitchen in a space having enough ventilation.

Essential Tools and Appliances

A few items that must always be ready to use in your kitchen are listed here. You should always be aware that your temporary kitchen will still feed everyone in the house, so you should have all the utensils ready for every member and meal. 

Here are a few things you should not miss out on and should keep in your temporary kitchen:

  • Knives
  • Wooden spoons
  • Blender
  • Food processor 
  • Drying pan
  • Tongs
  • Plates
  • Glasses
  • Bowls
  • Jug and pints
  • Cast iron cookware
  • Oven glove
  • Measuring spoons
Depending on your food type, you may need more items to keep the kitchen running and prepare your favorite meal. But in general, these items are perfect enough to feed your family any time of the day.

Meal Preparation Strategies

Now that you don’t have a full-time running kitchen, you must cut short on different things. You need to consider how you will make your usual meals and how they will be reduced to reduce the time spent cooking a new meal daily. There are many factors you will have to consider while you are in a temporary kitchen and to make this a smooth process, you need to prepare ahead. 

Your number one principle for using the temporary kitchen to prepare everyday meals should be to keep it simple. Plan your meals before time and think about how you will prepare the meal. Microwave meals should be one of many ways to get ahead with them.

There are many healthy food options that you can prepare at home with little time and effort. They may even use some ingredients and can be cooked in a pan. You can prepare the meals and ensure you have different components ready to be put directly in the pan instead of preparing them separately. 

This will save you time and give you confidence that you will prepare the meal of the day in no time. There can be many simple dishes in your cuisine that you can try and prepare. Your temporary food setup can be simplified only by preparation, so prepare the meals and thoroughly list each.

Storing Essentials and Ingredients

To run your temporary kitchen smoothly, you need to prepare everything beforehand. There are many things you need to keep a look at so that you can prepare your temporary kitchen. There are different essential items that you can list down and prepare and make sure everything is accessible and readily usable.
  • Use your plastic containers
You will use your plastic containers a lot when you are in your temporary kitchen. Hence, keep everything sorted and ensure you have a divider in which the lid and boxes are all sorted. This is done so that you can keep the containers in a managed way and get them out whenever you need to place anything in them.
  • Put All Details In The Center And Front

Spend less time looking for paper towels, spices, and sponges, and use the magnetic caddies to keep the supplies open. This will save time and protect you from looking for red chilies in the under cabinet.

  • Keep Plastic Bags In Front

Plastic bags can easily turn into clutter fast. Stop the issue before it starts using a sleek and stainless steel box. These boxes can be placed or mounted anywhere in your temporary kitchens, giving you a suitable space for storing all your plastic bags.

  • Use Clear Bins In The Fridge

Cleaning the fridge out, checking the expiration dates, and wiping it down regularly is best. Leafy greens and produce can wilt fast, so you may even want to adjust the humidity and temperature levels if you see things withering.

  • Have a rolling cart

If the temporary kitchen space is tight, you can even get a rolling cart to store all your essential ingredients in one place. These rolling carts can fit anywhere neatly and give more space for your olive oil bottles or the tea collection.

Utilizing Torva Sink in Your Temporary Kitchen

A Torva sink can help you make your temporary kitchen journey much smoother and can allow you to save time and make the most out of your meal durations. A workstation sink can let you do all of your work in one place and do the chopping, cutting, and rinsing of your veggies in one place. You will be so used to these sinks that you will also want one in your regular kitchen. You can hence move the sink to your permanent kitchens smoothly, too. These sinks are highly durable and long-lasting and can resist all sorts of damage and chipping; therefore, moving them around to another kitchen is smooth. These highly convenient and practical Torva sinks are made to last long and give you the best outcome of any task you need to do in these sinks. You can choose your preferred sink material and finish to get exactly what suits your liking in this case.

Quick and Effortless Cleanup

Torva sinks will make your temporary kitchen experience as smooth as butter. You will not have to worry about constantly maintaining or cleaning your kitchen sink. These sinks are suitable for being stain-resistant and can keep their surface clean. You will have to wipe one clean cloth every day in the evening, and that is just about it. 

These sinks can help you with easy cleaning and save time and effort while your kitchen is renovating. These sinks will allow you to enjoy your temporary kitchen experience instead of maintaining the sink otherwise.

A well-organized temporary kitchen is what you need when your actual kitchen is under renovation. These sinks can make your renovation journey less stressful and more manageable. You can enjoy this time while having a cup of coffee in the yard and enjoy your time while the kitchen is all being renovated by professionals. 

Use Torva sink to make your journey smooth and easy, and have a long-lasting experience with these high-quality sinks that are made to endure the everyday wear and tear in your kitchen.

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