Transforming Your RV: 5 Interior Ideas for a Cozier Home on Wheels

Winter is knocking on our doors, and for RV enthusiasts, that means gearing up for a season of frosty adventures on the road. But what if your RV could not only withstand the chill but also cocoon you in warmth and coziness? Imagine a snug interior welcoming you after a day of snowy escapades, each corner reflecting your style and transforming comfort into an art form. Welcome to the transformative world of RV interiors! As the temperature drops, the desire to create a mobile haven intensifies.

Whether your RV is a getaway for occasional trips or your full-time abode, making it feel like home is key to enhancing your future adventures. In this article, we draw insights from seasoned RV owners to guide you through the process of turning your RV into a winter sanctuary, where chilly days are met with warmth, and the open road becomes a passage to comfort and style.

Choosing the right RV is as crucial as selecting the ideal build and model; it’s about creating an interior that resonates with your needs and personal style. In this exploration, we’ll unveil a myriad of options for upgrading your RV, ranging from faux shiplap wall transformations to lightweight backsplash additions. Let’s dive into these upgrades and tailor your home on wheels to fit your unique style.

1. Faux Shiplap Wall Transformation

  • Overview: Revamp your RV walls with faux shiplap for a personalized touch.
  • Implementation Steps:
    1. Explore styling options and placements (vertical or horizontal).
    2. Consider weight limits and take measurements before installation.
    3. Personalize your RV interior while ensuring practicality for travel.

If you have bought an old RV, you will already find its walls covered in paint or wallpaper. You can restyle everything to give your RV a personalized touch and make it look just ideal for yourself. Now, most people add faux shiplap as the original one can be hefty and can cause issues in your mobile home. Adding faux shiplap to your RV walls to give it a personalized and stylish touch can be the best idea for you.

You can always explore different possibilities and styling options to give your home an ideal look. You can also add vertical or horizontal placements of these planks. This will let you add more creativity to the walls and introduce a whole new experience for your living. It would help if you always considered weight limits before you installed anything in the RV. It would help if you took the measurements practically even before you started the modification of the walls.

Faux shiplap to RV walls will give you the option to personalize the RV interior stylishly. This will help you enhance the interior and make it cozy for you to make a home in. Take exact measurements of how much weight you can add to your RV before you start the process of changing anything so that you do not slow down your travel during your move around.

2. Painting Hacks for a Fresh Look

  • Overview: Elevate your RV cabinets, walls, and ceilings with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Implementation Steps:
    • Properly sand, clean, and prime laminate cabinets before painting.
    • Use high-quality primers for optimal paint adherence.
    • Choose a color scheme and finish that complements your design.

It can be easy to paint the RV cabinets with an excellent roller and a brush, but it is also equally easy to mess everything up. Many RV cabinets are made up of laminate, which means they have to be sanded and then primed before you start painting them. Otherwise, the paint won’t dry correctly. If you are using latex paint having no base coat on, then the color will bubble crack and might peel off, too. You may avoid these mishaps by taking enough time to sand, clean, and prime with the best quality primer, which is designed to make the Cabinet surfaces paint-friendly.

The same goes for painting the walls and ceilings. You have to take care of preparations ideally before you start anything at all. Revitalizing the RV interior is an important step, and you want to keep everything intact. Start by priming the base layer and painting it once it dries. You should use high-quality primers like Kilz or Zinsser that will help make the surfaces a perfect fit for painting over them. There are different styling options you can consider for your RV interior to get the desired look for the interior of your RV.

You can get a semi-gloss look and find colors that suit this design so that you can clean the Cabinet easily and within no time. Explore different options and make sure you have a sound idea of what you want and which interior outlook suits your style.

3. Hardware Overhaul for a Modern Touch

  • Overview: Upgrade RV hardware to match your new interior and style.
  • Implementation Steps:
    • Assess existing hardware and select replacements based on design.
    • Plan placement using a template for precise drilling.
    • Install new hardware for a modern and cohesive look.

It would help if you also upgraded your RV hardware to match your new interior and your style. You should be in the existing hardware that is installed in the RV when you head out to buy new hardware items. Replacements should be bought based on what your previous items look like. It would help if you made sure there are enough options for you at hand so that you can find what is best for you.

To install new hardware on your cabinet doors, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Plan the placement of hardware
  • Hold the template against the drawer or door and pick the hole position on the template.
  • Mark the position on the template with a tap.
  • Place the template over the edge of the door on the top of the drawer, having a shared template side hooked on the edge.
  • Mark the drill holes by pushing the finish nail into the template hole and forming an indent.
  • Remove the template and don’t through it
  • Drill the hole on all the marked spots and also keep the drill level
  • Insert some screws from the back now
  • Line up hardware from the front side and turn the screws using a hand or twice to engage them perfectly.
  • Tighten all screws from the back using a manual Phillips screwdriver.

4. Flooring Upgrade for Comfort and Aesthetics

  • Overview: Begin RV remodeling from the bottom up with a new floor.
  • Implementation Steps:
    • Remove old flooring, ensuring removal of staples and old glue.
    • Inspect and address any subfloor damage or issues.
    • Consider luxurious vinyl plank flooring for a modern aesthetic.

Now, when you are changing everything in the RV for coming cozy weather, you should consider upgrading the flooring as well. Remodeling begins from the bottom, and adding a new floor makes a significant difference when updating the RV interiors. As long as the subfloor is perfectly intact and doesn’t have any issues with mildew or rot, installing a new floor might be a simple process. Begin with removing the old vinyl or the floor covering of the RV.

You should also make sure that you remove any staples or nails and scrape off old glue stuck to the RV floor to make sure the new installation goes smoothly. Now, based on how old your RV is, you might also find some rotten or soft spots in your plywood subfloor. This is undoubtedly a bit more time-consuming to fix, but it is also a necessary process.

You should identify the extent of any damage that there is and cut out the rotten area. Now spray the area using mold killer and use a sealant before you replace the floor section using the new plywood.

You can also replace all of the carpet areas with luxurious vinyl plank flooring, as this will give your RV interior an ideal modern look. There are some options for licking the right flooring as well. It includes tile, hardwood, carpet, linoleum, and cork. Many renovators go for vinyl due to its affordability, ease of installation, and water resistance.

Vinyl flooring is available in different formats. You can buy the peel-and-stick ones or tongue and groove boards, which snap together, or the peel-and-stick tiles, too. Vinyl is also available in stores in sheets. There are significant variations available in vinyl alone, and you can pick the planks you prefer in all of these ranges.

The right flooring can transform your entire house by giving you the right ambiance and aesthetics in your tiny mobile home. It is ideal for securing the planks with edges and also resting the floor perfectly so you don’t have separations at the end.

5. Furniture Revamp for Personalization

  • Overview: Choose RV furniture that aligns with your space, budget, and style.
  • Implementation Steps:
    • Prioritize ergonomic furniture, especially for cockpit seats.
    • Opt for dual-purpose furniture that provides storage or additional sleeping space.
    • Consider lightweight options, such as IKEA furniture, to manage weight.

The best kind of RV furniture for your RV is the one that perfectly fits all your needs and your lifestyle with ease. With RV furniture shopping, you can keep some things in mind. If you are thinking of replacing the cockpit seats, then you must remember that ergonomics do matter. It is nice to have a great aesthetically pleasing set of chairs, but you must keep in mind that you will be sitting on these furniture for long hours when you are on the road.

RV furniture must work for your space, should be within budget, and must be decorated a bit, too. Always ensure you select pieces, that can perform dual duty, such as storage space and an extra place to sleep.

It is okay to use your regular furniture in the RV as long as its dimensions are all right and you can secure it as well so it doesn’t wobble or move when you are traveling. With any addition that you think of putting in the RV, you should watch the weight, so always keep it in mind when you’re picking the right furniture. Using lightweight IKEA furniture can be a good choice.

Removing all the standard furniture and then replacing it with your household items is only sometimes this simple. RVs are made to house systems and also carry cargo in all spaces. When you move the original couch, you might find there are connecting pipes or water tanks in hiding. This new future should do a similar job as well.

Moving your furniture to an RV will be a simple process and will only be done perfectly if you preplan how everything will look and how much weight it will add to your RV. All else is a smooth journey that you can enjoy afterward.


You have numerous options for finding inspiration for your RV remodeling project. Explore online resources and create your unique look to personalize your RV. Your RV should be a reflection of your style and provide enough comfort and peace for you to fully enjoy your time on the road. With these interior transformations, your RV can become a cozy haven, making your adventures even more enjoyable.

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