RV Sink Shopping: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Mobile Home

Owning an RV is itself a luxury that many would love to enjoy. Summertime makes the best duration for getting your RV on the road and having most of the outdoor environment. But when it comes to outfitting your mobile home, the sink is one of the most important features to consider.

Whether renovating an old RV or building a new one, choosing the right RV sink is essential to creating a comfortable and functional living space. Let’s read ahead to learn details about how to find the right fit for your mobile home.

Choosing The Right RV Kitchen Sinks For Your Kitchen 

An RV is huge enough to take families on a road trip and has the most amenities you enjoy at home. One of the most important utilities is the RV sink, which you wash and clean on road trips. It must be among the first things to pick when buying or revamping your RV. 

Important Factors To Consider

Knowing the type of ideal material for making your perfect RV sink doesn’t mean that you will make the best decision when buying one. This is mainly because there are a few factors that you should consider other than sink material. Here are a few factors you must consider:


The first important factor you should consider when choosing an RV kitchen sink is the material it’s made of. The type of sink material must be determined by the overall frequency of usage and the area of use. Acrylic and plastic sinks are all prone to stains and often get damaged when frequently used. RV Stainless steel sinks are popular because they are durable and easy to clean.

2.Ease of Maintenance

Another factor you should consider when picking an RV sink is the overall ease of maintenance. Maintaining the stainless steel and solid surface sinks is far easier than maintaining other materials. Wiping or washing the stain off the surfaces can return the sink’s shine. The sinks with solid surfaces are ideal for families having little children. This is due to their scratch and chip-resistant technology.


When picking the right size, you should consider the size of the family and sink both at a time. The size of the sink is also a concern in standard sinks. But it is more of a concern as the RV is a moveable vehicle. You can also get single or double bowl sinks in your RV to suit your preferences. 

Most RV kitchen sinks are smaller than standard household sinks, so measure your counter space first and choose the right sink for your RV.

4.Clanging Sound

Unlike your usual kitchen spaces in your homes, an RV is a very small space, and all the amenities are close to each other. The total amount of sound made due to the sink while it is in use must also be considered. Solid surface sinks are soundproof such as granite materials. They make the least sound when they are in contact with utensils.

Sink Materials 

An RV stainless steel sink and a regular one serve the same purpose, but the former has a slight tweak in the material used in production. A few RV manufacturers also fit the vehicle using plastic sinks; others come with low-grade stainless-steel sinks. Ensure you do not pick a sink made of heavy materials. It is because RVs are moveable homes, and having too much weight in them will not favor your mobility and will slow down the vehicle. 

You can have a plastic, acrylic, or stainless-steel sink for maximum work output and mobility.

Mounting Options

Mounting and plumbing are two main factors that separate RV and regular sinks. It includes the usage of PVC or flexible pipes that differ from the usual metal pipes found in traditional buildings. These pipes make the installation of an RV sink just similar to installing a regular sink. Three methods are used for installing the sink in a regular house: Drop-in, farmhouse, and Under-mount. But for RVs, there are only two. 

Drop-In Sink Benefits and Drawbacks

The drop-in installation method is easier to do. It includes dropping the sink into a hole cut over the RVs countertop. The sink rims assist the sink in staying hanging easily from the countertop. 

Benefits of Drop-In Sink

Sink cleaning

The gap where your sink joins the countertop is one of the most troublesome areas in under mount sinks. While a single bead of silicone caulk is used to close the gap, it isn’t filled to the top surface. Hence the depression attracts small food particle buildup. 

But drop-in sinks make all of those functional areas of the sink visible and reachable. It must be noted that the RVs have small countertops and a visible seam where grime is collected. But the drop-in sink will give you easier visibility and access. 

The price

Drop-in sinks are far cheaper. This is because they are made to be installed easily by resting them in the hole on the countertop. They are mounted under the countertop and should be fastened to under the counter area. 


Again, the point comes that drop-in sinks are easier to install. They are placed inside a hole cut on the RV countertop and are very easy to install and uninstall. 

Drawbacks of Drop-In Sinks

Don't Have the Resale Value

The drop-in sinks offer a little resale value. They are reasonably priced already and don’t offer that much of the resale value if you want to have one back on the market.

Cleaning Counter

Drop-in sinks don’t let you easily clean the countertops or have enough space to clean the countertop due to the high-profile rims on the edges.

Maintaining Your RV Small Sink 

Commercial and residential design trends completely influence RV décor. These manufacturers are in lockstep with their current design trends. The new RVs have up-to-date broad appeal to the public. You may see the trends played out in the ubiquitous use of stainless steel fixtures and appliances. 

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Do water sources affect the look of your sink?

You are unsure what kind of water you use on the road. It can be hard and calcified at any campsite and soft on the other. Hence it is simply impossible to keep that lustrous shine in your RV drain sink.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the stainless-steel sink

Stainless steel will always show the slightest smudge and fingerprint you will cause on it. To keep your sink looking the best, wipe it down using a wet microfiber cloth and then dry the surface using another clean microfiber fabric. 

How to make the sink shine?

Your RV stainless steel sink deserves a good shine, and you should prepare to give it a spotless, beautiful finish. You can use the following products to have maximum shine: 

  • Use enzymes or clr to start the cleaning process
  • Use baking soda and vinegar 
  • Use the morning light to show water spots

Avoiding Scratches and Stains

Stainless steel sinks are unlikely to crack or chip. However, daily use makes them vulnerable to scratches and can form water spots. It is normal for your sink to get dull with time. But it is also possible to bring back all the shine in your stainless-steel RV sink. 

You can use the following steps to brighten up your RV sink:

  • Rinse the sink with water
  • Coat the sink with baking soda
  • Scrub in the direction of the stainless-steel grain
  • Spray some undiluted vinegar in the sink
  • Form a paste of cream and vinegar of Tartar 
  • Finally, buff your sink using olive oil

FAQ About RV Sinks

What Size Sink Do I Need? 

There isn’t any standard size to use as RV Kitchen sinks. They come in several shapes and sizes, but most are rectangular. RV sinks start around 9’’x12’’x5″ deep and can be as big as 14’’x19’’x8″ per basin. 

How Do I Choose the Best Sink Material? 

Stainless steel is known for its top level of durability and is the go-to sink for good recreational vehicles. These are made under high temperatures and are coated using a durable sink material. It also fights against corrosion and rust and may be custom-made to fit recreational vehicles perfectly.

What Is The Best Way To Clean An RV Sink? 

The best way to clean your RV sink is to pour a half box of baking soda in the drain, follow up with vinegar, and let it foam up. Once settled, add more vinegar and repeat until the entire baking soda disappears.

Can I Install A Sink Myself?

It is a simple task but is time-consuming. Different shapes and sizes of sinks make the work trickier than others. 

Find Your Perfect RV Sink at Torva

TORVA is a leading Chinese company in different kitchen solutions, fittings, and fixtures. You can set up the bar sink or a workstation sink for your RV or van life. You can review their product manual and get a thorough list of all available options. You can also get a guide on using the sinks most effectively. 

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