Best Rocking Chairs That’ll Glide You Into Comfort

Outdoor rocking chairs have come to be associated with leisurely mornings and quality time spent with loved ones on the front porch because of their soft back-and-forth motion and comfortable armrests. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who decided to make their homes cozier in the past few years, you might be in the market for a new rocking chair. The best level of comfort for you to work, pursue hobbies, or simply unwind is provided by a high-quality rocking chair, after all.

Meanwhile, the Best rocking chair on your front porch might be the finishing touch you require to enhance your home’s exterior appeal and cozy feel. If you have determined that now is the right time to buy, you must learn what rocking chairs are available.

A Brief History of Rocking Chairs

Skates were first attached to the base of an English Yorkshire Windsor chair in 1725, which was the beginning of the rocking chair design. The term “rocking chair” first appeared in English in 1787, and the Shaker rocking chair was created in New York in 1820. Boston rocking chairs became popular in 1825. 1860 saw the invention of the first wicker rocking chair. Over the course of the following century, various rocker designs were still produced.

In 1955, JFK’s doctor advised him to get a rocking chair called the Kennedy Rocker to relieve his back pain. Since then, it has become a standard in American homes. In addition to being cozy and fashionable, rocking chairs can also offer some noticeable health and mental advantages. Studies have shown that rocking has therapeutic advantages, including better balance, increased relaxation, pain relief for arthritis, easing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and more.

Why are Rocking Chairs so Popular in America?

The majority of common chairs, including wing chairs, Windsor chairs, and chaise lounges, were developed in England or France. However, the basic structure of these original designs has been slightly modified to account for evolving aesthetics, decor, and fashion.

For instance, chaise lounges were first made in France. French furniture artisans created them so wealthy people could rest without going to their bedrooms. To that end, the fundamental layout has a long seat and just one armrest. They still have the same structure even though they are no longer exclusive to the wealthy and have new uses in contemporary design.

The history of Adirondack rocking chairs evolved over time from humble gardens on the periphery of dirt roads and farmland to the presidential suites of several US presidents. John F. Kennedy used a rocking chair with a classic Appalachian design, while Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan owned Maloof rockers. Kennedy Rockers is the name given to these chairs, which we are proud to produce in our shop.

How Do I Choose an Outdoor Rocking Chair?

Outdoor rockers work best on flat, smooth surfaces like wood decking, outdoor tile, and concrete. On grass, gravel, cobblestone, or other uneven surfaces, the runners cannot rock as intended. Porch rocking chairs actually take up a surprising amount of space, so be sure to measure your outdoor area first to ensure you have enough room and clearance for the actual rocking motion.

Prevent tiny feet, paws, and tails from getting entangled in the chair’s curved runners by taking extra care when there are kids or animals around. Items like wood, natural wicker, resin, and aluminum must be moved indoors during bad weather, weighted down, or given other forms of protection. There are options that fit a lot of budgets, but it’s crucial to remember that low-cost options don’t always last well and might need to be replaced after a year or so.

Mind the Materials

Various materials, including softwoods, hardwoods, teak, wicker, plastic, and HDPE lumber, are used to make rocking chairs outdoors. To choose wisely, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How soft is the material to the touch?
  • How well does the material withstand the elements outside?
  • How valuable is the material, and how long does it last?
  • How does the design fit into your space, and how does the material look?
  • How frequently does the material need to be cleaned?

Metal Rocking Chairs

Unexpectedly, metal rocking chairs are more common than you might think. In fact, they are popular because they are strong and capable of supporting a lot of weight. Since it is simple for manufacturers to shape metal into chairs, most metal rocking chairs also include decorative elements.

The only drawback to using metal rocking chairs outside is that they can be vulnerable to the weather. They become harmful if exposed to the sun for an extended time because they absorb heat. When exposed to moisture, metals are also vulnerable to rust or corrosion. But because of their weight, they can withstand strong winds.

Plastic Rocking Chairs

Because of its strength and aesthetics, poly lumber can easily be used in place of wood. Without constant upkeep, it has a wood-like appearance. Because of their variety of colors and distinctive designs, poly rocking chairs are popular. Poly lumber is simple to color, and producers have no trouble cutting and molding it.

Poly rocking chairs are excellent for outdoor use because they can withstand the weather well. They are resistant to wind, rain, and heat from the sun. Surprisingly robust and wind-resistant, the chairs.

Wood Rocking Chairs

The timeless design is represented by a wood rocking chair outdoor. For their durability and visual appeal, they are a classic option. The elements and bugs won’t harm a good wood rocking chair. This feature won’t be present in all wooden rocking chairs, in any case.

The weather is not weatherproof for all wood chairs. Warping results from moisture absorption from precipitation. Cracking is caused by the wood drying unevenly. A lot of maintenance is also required for wood. The materials, however, look good in any environment and do not become warm when exposed to the sun.

Choose From Various Styles

Outdoor dining rocking chairs that will glide you into comfort come in various styles. To provide variation for different clients, manufacturers altered the original design. Present-day rocking chair designs include the following:

Traditional Rocking Chair

A high back for support, two rockers, and thin wood slats are still part of the traditional rocking chair’s original design. Variations of this design exhibit a little more artistic flair while retaining the original elements.

Modern Rocking Chairs

Anything that deviates from the traditional design is considered a modern rocking chair. With its cozy contoured seat and waterfall front, the Modern Adirondack Rocking Chair makes it simple to unwind. It adds the ideal finishing touch to any outdoor space with its sleek, modern Adirondack-style back and soothing rocking motion.

Pick the Right Size and Height

As they rock back and forth and have roomy seats, comfy rocking chairs take up more space than you might think. For the sake of rocker space, we strongly advise measuring your outdoor area first.

Generally, rocking chairs are between 37 and 45 inches tall, 26 to 30 inches wide, and 32 to 37 inches deep. We advise leaving 2-3 feet of space on all sides of your rocking chairs for your family’s comfort and to prevent bumping into walls, people, or other chairs while rocking.

Add Accessories

Some patio rocking chairs feature add-ons like cup holders, storage, and recliner features. Your needs will often influence the accessories you choose. For instance, cup holders could be useful if you frequently host guests in order to do away with tables.

Additionally, the area rugs and throw pillows are a bonus for enhancing the space’s aesthetic appeal. Just watch that they adhere closely to the theme. Always keep things simple when accessorizing. Creating an outdoor living space typically entails making it hospitable and tranquil. Clutter will spread as a result of having too many items, ruining the aesthetics of the space.

Therefore, if you don’t have the room, stick to simple designs for the rocking chairs and a few other accessories. To get the best-sized rocking chair, keep in mind to measure the space you have available. Don’t forget to consider options for the little ones as well.

Front Porch Rocking Chair

Nothing is more idyllic than a pair of classic rocking chairs on the front porch, inviting people to take it easy and appreciate nature. Add one or more of our adorable rockers to yours to make it even more wonderful. They feature the traditional curved back panel, wide slats, and contoured seats, all of which are designed for comfort and lazy afternoons with a glass of sweet tea.

But as time goes on, new, innovative materials are developed, and this rocking chair is no exception. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) looks and feels like wood, including the texture, but has a low-maintenance profile, so you can say goodbye to wood that needs to be painted annually or could rot in areas of high humidity. This fade-resistant material is also splinter-free and never needs to be painted, waterproofed, or chipped.

Bottom Line

Rocking chairs are incredibly comfortable. Consider adding one to make your house feel even more like a home if you want to create a tranquil, restful space. Don’t just grab a chair without considering all your options. If you keep looking, you might come across something even better. Before you start shopping for outdoor patio rocking chairs, do some research and decide what you want and need.

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