How to Unclog RV Sink Drains?

Traveling in an RV is enjoyable when everything runs smoothly, and you have access to the facilities you need, much like in an average home. Clogged sink drains are an inconvenience that no RV traveler wants to deal with. While life on the road offers countless adventures, a blocked RV sink drain can put a damper on your journey. However, this is only achievable by carefully maintaining all the components of your RV, ensuring that everything functions correctly.

A clogged RV sink or sink drain is standard in RVs and typical houses. There are different causes for it, and we will explore what can cause your sink drains to clog and how you can quickly unclog them. 


Common Lssues Leading to Clogs

There are some well-known causes of clogged sink drains, which are almost practiced in all houses, either mobile or stationary. Understanding the common issues that lead to clogs is crucial for preventing them and maintaining your RV’s plumbing system. Here are a few common causes of clogged sink drains and quick solutions to address them.
    • Human Hair

Hair fall is an issue that disrupts us all, and it can clog your drains just the same way. You will see hair stuck in all the gunk and material you suck from your clogged drains. Many of us have this habit of throwing our hair into the RV sink and letting the drains carry this hair out of the RV. But that doesn’t happen. Hair gets tangled, forming a massive lump in your drains and clogging everything in it. 

    • Food Particles

Food particles are also another reason why you have clogged drains so often. Grease and oils can solidify in the pipes, making it difficult for water to pass through. You can avoid this by cleaning off all the food particles from your utensils and putting all the food residue in the designated bins.

    • Solid Bar Soap

This is not a big issue as we all use hand soap carefree without expecting it to clog our drains. But, using this bar soap may create blockages in the draining system. If the soap breaks into huge chunks, they might get stuck in the pipes. Instead of tsh, you better use liquid soap and avoid the hassle of being worried about the drains and keeping them clean occasionally.

    • Dropping Hard Objects

Accidental dropping of hard objects such as jewelry, small utensils, or other items down the drain can result in blockages. You can prevent it by carefully using it.

    • P-trap Under Vents

A “P-trap under vents” typically refers to the plumbing component known as a “P-trap” installed under-drain vents or pipes in plumbing systems. If you come with an RV with unique features of vents over the p-Trap, it might worsen your drainage issues in your RV.

More minor, easier-to-remove clogs will only harm you a little now or in the future. But you must be worried if you start seeing larger lumps and blockages in your drainage system. You should start using a drainage cleaning solution to remove the clogs; if not, you must use the manual function of sucking something out of the drainage pipes. This will save you time and hassle, and you will be able to see what is there stuck in the drainage system, making your life hell. 

Using Baking Soda and White Vinegar for Clogs

If you also have blockages happening often in your RV, it is high time you start investing in these drainage cleaning solutions that will help you out instantly. But before jumping on the bandwagon, you must try home remedies to help you in this dire situation. 
  • You can use baking soda and white vinegar to start your shower and de-clog at running. Mix the perfect amount of vinegar and baking soda and pour the whole mix into the drainage system. You should wait an hour after this and ensure the solution has reached all the sink walls and is enough to cover the sink drains.
  • Use hot water to remove clogs in the drain. Use hot water, as it effectively clears away dirt and debris from the drain.
  • Using the good old drain snakes, you can also fix the clogged RV drain sink.
  • You should pay particular attention while doing this job as you might need a second help.
You can use the most effective baking soda and vinegar method to help clear the clogged drains and give yourself a fresh stream of water that won’t also puddle in your basin bowl. Make sure you are not using harsh chemicals down the drain. 

Plunging Your Way to Clear Drains

Besides these suggestions, you can also use your suitable old plunger method. A few solid blockages can’t be affected using chemical solution only. You have to remove such clogs immediately and manually. You should also be able to spot when you need a plunger and when a sea and water treatment would do. 

You can use an impel shower or sink plunger that will do the best for you to unclog your drains. You can get this job done with your standard toilet plunger, but it isn’t also a great need that you would get your job done through this method. 

If you like using the power plunger for cleaning your drain, then start by opening up the gray water tanks. Next, you must be able to fill the sink halfway with water and insert the plunger on it and the drain opening. Start by pumping in the usual way as well. This is a fun process; you might even like finishing it before you get home. 

The plunger method mainly works for all; you don’t need a follow-up. Efficient plunging can be done best if you have already poured some dishwasher or grease buildup with some cleaning solution to understand the whole thing better. 

Natural Drain Cleaners

If you want a quick solution for your clogged drain and want it to be a natural drain or cleaner, then some brands are selling the product you need. You can access their websites and ensure they are selling your desired drain cleaner and getting them for the right use.

The cleaners are mostly advertised, saying they are all-natural, whereas RV owners have used them for ages. If you also want to sue something labeled all natural and very safe, here is your priority. You can use Green Gobbler as an excellent option for being your natural drain cleaner made of the correct elements. 

This enzyme cleaner is an ideal solution because it breaks up grime and bad smells but lets the natural process continue. This product is excellent for cutting through all the oil and grease in average and RV kitchen sinks

The Drain Snake As a Last Resort

If you’ve attempted all the methods mentioned above and the clog persists, it’s time to resort to a drain snake. This is the best solution for stubborn clogs and needs more of a hands-on approach. These tools are the next in line to be the defense against clogs, which won’t quit. A few RV sinks have the functionality of cleaning themselves up, but most don’t come with these features. 

Some RV owners use angled pipes to move water in a tank, offset by the toilets. This setup is prone to clogging and is also harder to clean. Always make sure that you use the hand-operated auger if you adopt this route. The motorized augers may also puncture your plumbing. It would help if you were very careful of the toilet when inserting this tool inside. 

You can insert the drain snake or the auger into the plumbing. Also, make sure that the drill is through any of the bends in your plumbing. Twist the holder clockwise until you can catch the clog with a hook end; don’t get discouraged when this takes longer than expected. You can then remove the snake and flush it. And your sink is clean and clog-free. 

Last Word

Along with all of these mentioned ways of unclogging your drains, you should also ensure you take care of your sink and drains in the future. There should be no food or hair particles running down the drain pipe so that you don’t hit the point of having clogged drains on the road when you’re out and about with your fellow to enjoy the trip.

As stated in this guide, you can effectively tackle clogs in your RV sink drains with these tips and tricks. It will ensure smooth water flow and prevent plumbing-related issues on the road. This will save you from too much hassle and let you enjoy the trip more than usual. Always ensure you carry items to unclog the drains so you can tackle the situation without any stress. -So apply these tips now and get your RV sink drain-free.

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